Friday, October 5, 2007

Crafts from the past: The Pinkalicious Stick Horse

This week has been nuts for me because my son is out of school for Fall Break. It was an unusually busy week for work and other stuff, so I haven't had much time for crafting and posting about it. You guessed it - another installment of Crafts From The Past.

Don't laugh, but here in Texas, our kids get out of school for Rodeo Day.

Seriously, I said don't laugh!

It used to astound and confuse me, until I became a teacher and learned that so many kids (especially in the small-ish West Texas town where I grew up and was teaching) would be absent on the day of the rodeo, that it made economic sense to close the schools that day.

Quit freaking laughing at us!

Anyhow, March always signals Rodeo time, and last year at my daughter's school, they had huge Rodeo Day festivities. Parents were asked to bring a stick horse for their child for things like mock barrel racing and calf roping. (seriously) I don't know when or why it struck me to make one for my uber-girlie daughter, but I did. And I was really happy with how she turned out.

My daughter's been playing with the stick horse (hobby horse? I like stick horse) a lot lately. She's in a HUGE horse phase. We watch The Saddle Club I actually like it. (shhhh!) She rides the stick horse everywhere and does horse shows with it out in the back yard. My son and nephew have now requested stick horses of their own, and I'm thinking those will be Christmas gifts. We'll see.

Enjoy the stick horse - the project that spontaneously came together, and has been one of the most loved, most used, most fun projects I've done.

I also posted this project to Craftster when I first made it.


  1. I love, love, love the stick horse! Brings back tons of memories of me and my brothers growing up in Oklahoma. Yeah, it was fun, but hard to share one stick horse between the two of us. And, me being the girl, I had to wait till they threw it down. boohoo! *giggle* But I got'em back feeding them red mud pies. You are one crafty mom! PattieWack

  2. I wasn't laughing until you kept telling us to quit laughing. ;) I did not yet know about the schools closing for Rodeo...guess I would have been stymied by it a few years from now. How funny.

    Beauteous wonderful stick horse! I'd love to try making a cheater sock version - of course it won't be nearly as fabulous as this one.

  3. LOVE your horse hey dont laugh but in Nevad kids get of school for Nevada Day so every has their hang ups LOL!!! But I am in california so where is our day hummm!!! I love the your idea do you have a tutorial with it I couldnt find one maybe I am not looking in the right place???
    Rita aka

  4. Oh-this is WAY too cute! And, it matches Claire's pink cowboy boots!

    And here in San Antonio, the Rodeo is starting up TODAY, so we are definitely into Cowboy!


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