Friday, February 8, 2008

Capping off the week with more embroidery love

A perfect end to a week kicked off with a rocking embroidery night .... Nora Ankrum from the Chronicle was at the event and wrote about it on the Chronique blog.

Best. Headline. Ever.

I'm seriously considering stealing it as a tagline of sorts. I'm so glad that my message of embracing imperfection is getting out there. ;)

I start my second sewing class tonight, and I'm super excited. The first class meets in a fabric store for three hours - just how I want to spend a Friday night (for real!) I've already got a stack of patterns that I scored at recent $.99 sales, but I'm not sure what garment I'll make yet. I need to post a picture of the skirt I made last weekend at our last Beg. I class - it's reversible!

Until next time - keep on poking holes in perfection!

* The shoes she mentions in the story are actually my sister's. I covet them. She let me borrow them almost two months ago ... I really need to get those back to her ... maybe ....


  1. YAAAAAAY, that is the best article!! Congrats to you and Leslie. You're such a crafty guru. I need to see a picture of those shoes . . . .

  2. Where do you tend to get your inspiration from for sewing, threading, and such? I am interested to hear where I may be able to get some of my inspiration and information!

  3. I love that you're bringing back the stitch crafts. I learned to sew from Leslie a few years back and it has changed my life!! Literally enhanced it beyond belief. Now my kids too are jumping on the stitch craft bandwagon and that is way fun.

  4. oh my, that event sounds amaaaazing! I'm so sad I didn't no about it, and am determined to never miss anything like it again!
    xo niku


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