Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Early Bird! :)

Based on my last post about Google Reader and my blog/Flickr addiction, you have probably guessed that I'm a big fan of the internet. What I love more than anything is connecting with people engaged in the creative process of making things. Crafty folks, for the most part, are incredibly generous, kind, fun people, and connecting with them through blogs, Craftster and Flickr are great fun for me.

One of these folks with whom I've connected is Amy of Early Bird Special. It was her unicorn banner for her daughter that first caught my eye last year. I happened to have it up on my computer screen, and my daughter saw it. She was mezmerized (as was I) and said, "That's what I want!" Inspired by Amy's work, I made the Unicorn Dress for my daughter.

Somewhere in the process, I emailed Amy and we started exchanging messages, Flickr comments and general crafty love. Before we knew it, we became fast friends.

Amy's stitching skills are off the hook, y'all (so much so that they bring me to saying things like, "off the hook") and it's no secret. She even stitches samples for the Sublime Stitching Web site and she's participated in Oklahoma City's awesome Girlie Show. She rocks. And she's super nice to boot. I love that.

So when I saw a picture of her and her "stitching station" a while back on Flickr (can't find the pic at the moment) I was horrified to see her floss, needles, scissors and other random emrboidery bits strew across the oversized arm of her stitching chair. OK, so I wasn't "horrified" but I instantly saw that one of my arm rest embroidery organizers might help her out. I commented on the picture and she replied, jokingly, that her birthday was April 17. I knew right then what I'd be sending up to Oklahoma this week.

I heard back last night that she received the arm rest embroidery organizer, and I think it was a hit. I hope it will get many hours of use, and it warms my heart to think of her stitching away with it by her side.

Be sure to check out her Etsy shop - especially if you need to get some baby gifts. Her onesies are to-die-for-adorable, and her tea towels are deliciously fun. If anything, be sure to stop by her blog and wish her a Happy Birthday and add her blog to your Reader.

Here's to making more craft connections!


  1. Thank you, again, for the gift. It is seriously so wonderful! I already told my husband that I'm buying our new furniture around the colors of the birdcage fabric. ;)

    I'll be sure to post my birthday blog when D is napping. <3


  2. Here's to more internet connections! I'm adding her to bloglines... but maybe I need google reader!


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