Friday, June 6, 2008

More silk screen and textile art goodness

One other thing to mention today - remember my most-incredibly-awesome Silk Screen Crash Course last month? Really, it was one of the best creative experiences of my life. I was so excited to get an email from Kat today that her new schedule for her new studio is now up on her web site. And guess what happens to be going on the week of my birthday .... a Surface Design Crash Course! I fell in love with spending an entire week in an art studio, and wanted to do it again so badly. I think between my parents and my husband, I'll be able to swing this class as my big birthday gift.

She's also got her silk screen class (the same one I took, just on a weekly basis instead of all in one week), an awesome Print, Dye Stitch class, a Color Fundamentals class and some open studio times (which I'm dying to do, because I'm getting all twitchy from not printing anything lately).

If you're here in Austin, do yourself a favor and sign up for one of her classes - you won't regret it. In fact, you'll be super glad you did.


  1. I love your Obama silkscreen! Any chance you'll be selling totes or Ts?

  2. I cannot wait to try silk screen. My friends and I have all the stuff and we are starting our first session next week.

    I love yor obama screen!

  3. Wow-- great print. I'd love to learn to do this one day. One of our friends made us a life size Hank Williams (silk screened onto a twin bed sheet). Too bad our ceilings are too low to do him justice right now.

  4. That artwork is fantastic! I'll tell my sister about that workshop, she lives in Austin - way too far from me across the pond.

  5. So have you ever been accosted for wearing anything Obama? I was flipped off for my Obama sticker on my car. It made me mad. But I guess since I'm in conservative Utah I should expect it. But I'm stll mad. My husband laughed because he has had people ask him at stop lights where they can get one too. Grr... Anyway, had to share since you are a Crafter for Obama.


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