Sunday, August 10, 2008

Crafty Finds From Portland: The Vintange Embroidery Transfer Motherlode

Here's the find that had me shaking in my boots. I found it toward the end of the basket of transfers. As I unfolded it, I could see the type through the paper and instantly recognized the words - how could I not? They were the words we spoke at the beginning of every Girl Scout meeting we had this year.

Yep. I found a vintage (1940) Girl Scout Sampler ... in pristine condition. It's breathtaking.

The Girl Scout motto (which has only changed slightly since what's displayed here) is in the middle, and it's surrounded by 10 images relating to the various activities/badges in which the Girl Scouts participate. Such as:

Homemaking! Check out the Girl Scout emblem on her apron! I love it!

Honey! Use a potholder!

You can see the little lazy daisy "trial" image peeking in on the side.

And Arts and Crafts
Um ... where's the hand that's holding the palette?

There are several others that just make me plain giddy. I also love that the sheet is printed in a hunter green color. I have no idea if that was on purpose (keeping in theme with the Girl Scout colors) but I love it all the same.

Sadly, this find is a little bittersweet. I've decided not to continue on as my daughter's Girl Scout leader this year. We've had fun this past year, and the girls in the troop and the other leader have been fantastic, but I just don't feel able to keep up with the administrative end of stuff that goes along with being a Girl Scout Leader. There are a lot of rules, loads of paperwork and - of course - plenty of fund raising. Those things can make for a great organization (obviously) but they are just more than my schedule and sanity can handle right now. I'll miss it, but I'll also be looking for a lot of opportunities for crafting and community service with my daughter on my own. Maybe we'll stitch up some of these images ....


  1. I can see why you were so excited! What a terrific find -- this one is a real treasure!

  2. What a lovely find. I have vintage transfer I inherited from the 1930's and I think they are great. I have begun stitching them

  3. Wow, those are wonderful! It would be so fun to stitch these up (as well as a more sarcastic version that I'm sure your creative mind could think up!) :)

  4. This is totally the motherlode! Wow! The other sets are awesome, too. The owl under glass had my heart atwitter.

  5. Aaaahhhh! The Girl Scout transfers!!!!

    I was very active in my oldest daughter's years of Brownies and Girl year I was the "Cookie Mom". I still can't believe I survived that! Claire (my soon to be 7 year old) hasn't really expressed much interest in GS. She wants to play football. Guess I'll be that crazy mom you'll be reading about in the papers in a few!

    Also...would you pleeeeeeeease do me a favor??? Two different Girl Scout Leaders have asked me to do embroidery lessons with their troops this year and of course I said "Totally YES!" (Because all I really want to do is teach this type of stuff,and just a little 'By the Way'...I'm teaching my first kids' quilting class this week! I'm having a LOT of fun!)

    ANYWAY...would you let me buy copies of those GS patterns from you?? I think that would be so cool to bring vintage GS patterns to teach is a troop of Brownies and the other is an older troop of Juniors. I'm signed up for your Sept. 2 class at Stitch Lab, so, you can use any of that info to contact me if it's ok.


  6. oh my, this is amazing! Where did you find this treasure? Somewhere in Austin I'm hoping...perhaps there are more out there!

  7. WOW - that's the coolest transfer ever!

  8. Yes! If you're interested in selling copies of that pattern I'd be interested for sure.
    I'm sure there isn't a copyright on it.

  9. HI would you be willing to share these special transfers? I would like to make a redwork quilt for my two little girl scouts..
    Thank you if possible.

  10. HI would you be willing to share these special transfers? I would like to make a redwork quilt for my two little girl scouts..
    Thank you if possible.

  11. I too would like to buy a copy of that pattern. I'm a GS leader as well as embroiderer. Please contact me with details.

  12. I love your blog! I stumbled upon it while searching for Girl Scout resourses as I'm a new Brownie Leader this year.

    This is truely a wonderful find! I would also like to buy copies if possible :) Our local quilt shop will be teaching our girls embroidery.

  13. bulldog#1WOW, these are amazing! I would love to buy copies! My cadet troop loves to embroider and these are such a great find. please let me know.

  14. love the embroidery sampler!
    i just recently found all my badges from the 70's and have all but 5!!!
    any chance of selling a copy of the design at all
    i am wanting to make a memory quilt for me with the badges and think the embroidery would be awesome!

  15. Did you ever sell or give away copies of this? I would love to do a green work quilt of this! Please let me know if there is anyway I could get a copy. Thanks. sheets625 at gmail

  16. Hi Jennifer -

    I don't sell or make copies of this pattern, because - as best I can tell - it is still under copyright. Check ebay and etsy to see if it comes up (you can set email alerts). Good luck! :)


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