Thursday, December 27, 2007

Super Plants! Er .... Pins!

I scored this vintage Wonder Woman plant pot years ago (I can't remember when/where ... maybe college? maybe even high school). It's a small ceramic pot with an old skool image of Wonder Woman, wielding her lasso and saying, "Super Plants." It's always made me laugh. Up to now, I've always just had it sitting on my desk or shelf and it's been randomly filed with loose change or thumbtacks. I had a brief moment of inspiration last week, though, when I was sewing at my desk. I had a small tomato pin cushion and tossed it aside. It landed in the pot and all of a sudden, the pot's purpose became incredibly clear.

I happened to have some fabric left over from my failed Spaceboy attempt (pictures coming soon) that worked perfectly. I followed the Creative Juice tutorial, though I was initially a little hesitant to hot glue the fabric and stuffing in place. I realized it needed that, though, and figured I could always scrape away the hot glue if I changed my mind.

I doubt I will.

Now it not only makes me smile, it's highly useful. My new box of pins coordinated perfectly. Random little surprises like that are my favorite things in the world.

Off to do some super sewing with my super pins!

PS - A photo!? Why, yes! My Christmas wish was granted, and I finally have a new camera. Lookout for loads of catch up posts with way too many pictures in the coming days.


  1. That totally ROCKS! My eye will now be peeled for a Super Plants pot at The Bins.

    Congratulations on your new camera - I'm looking forward to lots of bloggy goodness now . . . .

  2. That rules!! Oh and congrats on your new camera! I'm hoping our Christmas Camera will be in our hands tomorrow.

  3. I am surprised at how happy matching pins make me. Congratulations on the new camera!

  4. So Cute! I love the wonder woman pot.
    Makes me want to sew something today :)


  5. what a great little crafty idea.... just one of those "lucky toss" things that turn out to be a hit. Good use for cute gifts ..use up left over fabric..

  6. That is sooo awesome. I've been wanting a real pincushion plant but I've heard they always die. You've inspired me!


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