Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Baby Ike Auction Updates

Baby Ike and his family are still needing lots of help. There still aren't answers as to why he's having so many respiratory problems, and though he's home from the hospital, it still takes a small army of machines and helpers just to care for him.

Fortunately, the efforts to support the Roy family are not only still going strong, but they are growing in a big way right now. The big online auction started this week, and there are some amazing things up for grabs.

Sure, there are awesome things like vacations in England, Cancun and Oregon and things like massages, landscaping services and photographer services, but I've gotta say that I'm crazy proud of all the beautiful hand-crafted items that are included in the auction. Here's a sampling of what you can find. Bidding is already well underway, so don't hesitate in getting over there and getting in on the action. And also let these generous folks know how much you appreciate their efforts.

I love this adorable purse from Jennifer Tanner McGuire from BlueMama here in Austin. It's knit from plastic bags and is fully lined with sweet black floral fabric. What's even better is that the purse comes stoked full of fun accessories from Jennifer, including earrings, magnets, button rings, and luxurious lip balms that she makes herself.

Check out this sweet half apron from Chasity of Belle and Burger (also here in Austin). The colors are so gorgeous, and the sweet bird applique is made from a vintage quilt piece. I'm tellin' you guys, I tried this puppy on the other night and it almost didn't make it's way in to the auction ... She's also offered up some cute fabric and button hair clips and one of her vintage fabric and buttons brooch.

This baby set with an Asain theme is gorgeous. The sweet kimono and baby booties are precious and the burp cloths are so beautiful you may not want to get them dirty! These came from Liz Alma.

The details on this cloth art doll are amazing - there's some incredible beadwork going on on this thing! The doll was made by Iggy Jingles in California.

Feast your eyes on this stinkin' cute kid's knit aviator hat from Beth Rayburn! I want one in my size!

Can you say "HOLY COW, THAT'S GORGEOUS?" Good! 'Cause that's what you'll want to say when you take a gander at this amazing knit shawl. Wow.Za.

These are just a few of the gorgeous handmade items being offered in the auction. I love that they have not only been donated out of generosity, but have the love and care of each of the donors in every stitch. So cool! Please check them out, bid if you can, pass it on to friends and share the love! Go Ike!


  1. Hope it all goes well, but I know it will. Keep us updated!

  2. Thanks for your sweet critique!


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