Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Unicorn Embroidery Thrift Find

Miss me? I'll fill you in on where I've been after I introduce you to one of my favorite thrift finds ever.

Like most crafty folks, I have a love affair with thrift shops. One of my favorite embroidery projects of all time was a thrift find. I love finding stitch kits when I'm perusing thrift stores, and have a couple of shelves full of them in my big book case in my office.

This unicorn find from a couple of weeks ago was a jackpot hit for me. It wasn't in its original packaging, but it had everything else with it.

And, sure, it's cool because it's full of 1980s goodness (it's stamped on the back: 1982) but what was really fascinating is the little palette of threads already set up to start the project.

Whoever had this kit got fully set up to stitch before apparently abandoning the project. All the threads (regular 6-stranded cotton floss, crewel wool and even metallic cording) have all been looped thoughtfully into the palette.

They even methodically marked off all the required threads on the chart.

I'm so curious what made them put the project down....

I'm thinking I'll pick it up for some summer stitching. I've got several other projects in the queue right now, but this bright and cheery piece will be perfect for some poolside stitching.

So where have I been? Mostly working. Keeping up with my three posts a day and social media management over at the dandy CRAFT and keeping up with teaching classes. Add to that kiddos and all the space adventures I've been having, and something had to give for a bit. However, my good pal, Diane, and I have some fantastic stuff in store for you in the next few weeks, so rest assured - the hiatus is o-v-e-r. :)


  1. I demand to see a finished project ASAP ;)

  2. heh heh - you gals are funny! You're just gonna have to wait ... at least until summer. My crafty schedule is plum full up (as we like to say in Texas).


  3. what a great find!! i can't wait to see what it looks like!
    I saw a super old kit a few weeks ago that was fabric stamped with a painting of in english forrest cottage thing going on (sooo not as cool as a unicorn!!) and someone had started the embroidery on top of it. perfect little french knots for all of the flowers. it had all of the floss and original box. I passed it up because I didn't think it was my kind of picture and the frame was cheesy. I've been regretting it ever since. i hoping it's still there next time...

  4. I'm hankerin to see a finished project too! (Just throwing out an extra Texas-ism for you...)

  5. OMG I had this in my room growing up!! my mom stitched it for me :) I'm not sure what happened to it an adult stitcher I'm ashamed of my teenage self's lack of concern regarding its care & preservation. I'm going to call my mom today & tell her I'm sorry!

  6. Who would have thought that an embroidery kit from 1982 could be so lovely? Great find!

  7. Good to have you back! I love seeing what you stitch and this project looks like it will be a beauty.

  8. I saw this kit when it came out! I coveted this kit! I wanted this kit! I dreamed of this kit.

    I can't believe my eyes even now! there it is! Lucky, lucky girl! What a score!

    Think of me as you are stitching. Can't wait to see it completed.

  9. What an amazing kit and what a sweet person you are! Pam peeped me about this!!!!

  10. Hi, I have been searching for this kit since the 80's when I saw it first, in England...Unbelievable I find it here... Can you give me more information, so I can continue my search with more than the word Unicorn?
    Thanks! Greetings, Coby (The Netherlands)

  11. Hi, I am still searching. Could your friend maybe scan the patten and the embroidery so I can try and make it myself? I found the company may be named the creative circle but they do not exist?


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