Monday, April 5, 2010

Archive-Along Part 3: Backing up Your Blog

Today's Archive Along posts from Diane are like gold. She's covering how to back up your blog, whether you host your blog through a free service like Blogger or Wordpress or if you host it yourself. She also covers how to back up the images you use in your blog. Her advice and instruction are - as usual - impeccable and incredibly valuable. Go read it right now, and then back up your blog today. I love her idea, too, of setting a recurring event in her Google calendar to remind her to back up her blog every week. Handy!

Next on the Archive-Along agenda: I'll be covering backing up your tweets (Twitter) on Wednesday.

Don't forget, you can see the full Archive-Along index over on Diane's site, and be sure to Archive-Along with us and share your tips and results in the comments so we can share them in our big wrap up once the Archive-Along is complete!

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