Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cool Crafty iPhone cases

I saw these fun crafty iPhone cases from Uncommon a while back, but was having trouble choosing between the Magda Sayed cases and the Sublime Stitching cases. I just read about their Buy One, Get One Free sale and instantly went to snap both of them up. After I bought them, I started browsing through the catalog of artists and realized there are TONS I'd also love to have (Jill Bliss, anyone!?)

My current iPhone case is beat to heck, and I'm looking forward to sporting a bold, crafty one - especially when I can change it out with another depending on my mood! (NERDALERT) The sale ends today, so go grab some while you can! Enter BOGOCASE in the discount box when ordering. Have you found any other artists in the Uncommon database that you love?

(and no, I didn't get any compensation for this little post - no free cases {well, except for the one with the sale} no perks - just stumbled on 'em and wanted to share ... so there!)


  1. Oh, these are sooooo awesome. Thanks for sharing, Jane! Have fun with your new cases.

  2. :O Awesome! These make me wish I had an iPhone.


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