Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rocket, Scissors .... Alien Boobs?

I'm happy to report that after months and months of a crafty dry spell (hey, moving and renovating a house and a sun-meltingly hot summer can do that to a gal) I'm back in full-on crafting-all-the-time mode. Now that the kids are back in school, I'm able to actually work during the day which frees up my evenings for making stuff. A novel idea, I know. I've had fun stitching projects for friends (a post on those later this week) and random just-for-fun pieces, and flexing my out-of-shape stitchy muscles.

One such project was this random cross-stitch roadtrip sampler. We went to a family wedding over the weekend, which meant I had about eight hours in the car. I'd scored a handy brand new cross-stitch kit at a thrift store last week, so I packed it up and decided to jump into cross-stitching after a long time away from it. I'm not a huge cross-stitch person. Frankly, I'm not a big fan of a craft that requires counting. I'm not number-averse, I just like to craft and let my mind wander. I've had to unpick more projects than I care to remember because my mind wandered when it should have been counting.

Fortunately, I was able to slide right back in to the soothing rhythm of cross-stitches and found it quite fun and relaxing. Since I didn't have a specific project in mind, I just picked some of my favorite motifs from the book and stitched away. When I finished, I posted a picture to Twitter, and my brilliantly hilarious friend, Kari, said, "Rocket, Scissors, Alien Boobs?" and launched us into a conversation over what trumps what (Would alien boob juice melt scissors?). At one point, I thought I'd end up cutting the cross-stitched pieces out and using them for separate projects, but now I think - thanks to Kari - it's become one of my favorite samplers of all time.


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