Tuesday, October 2, 2012

"Show Me a Story" Winner!

Thanks to all who commented for a chance to win a copy of Emily K. Neubuger's Show Me a Story. I truly love this book, and even if you didn't win, I encourage you to grab a copy for yourself or follow her blog tour for another chance to win a copy.

Congrats to Arielle Clementine who said, "i am planning on homeschooling my kids, and feel like this book would be a wonderful way to get them interested in storytelling!"

I'll be in touch, Arielle, to get your copy of Show Me a Story headed to your home. 

Stay tuned for updates on my quilt class and my first-ever quilt block. Spoiler: I didn't die from fear over making it. 


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    1. Arielle, can you please email your mailing address to averagejanecrafter at gmail dot com

      Thanks! :)


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