Friday, January 18, 2008

I never wanted to think about pinch-rolled jeans again ....

But then my pal, Anna, tagged me for a meme. Which I've seen on blogs but have never done, and didn't even know what "meme" meant (or apparently how it's pronounced ....) so now I've found myself revisiting pinch-rolled jeans and Speak-N-Spells. Why? Well read on ....

What were you doing 10 years ago?
Ten years ago this month (heck, maybe even this week ...) I was starting my final semester of college, and was spending most of my time in the basement newsroom - I was the editor of the college newspaper my last semester in school. I was in the beginning, giddy stage* of my relationship with my (now) husband, and I was sporting (bottled) red hair.

What were you doing 1 year ago?
Actually, one year ago today I was heading to New York City for my previous job.

Five snacks you enjoy?
1. Popsicles
2. chex mix
3. apples
4. gummy bears
5. cheeze-its

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to?

1. Belinda Carlisle, Heaven is a place on earth (had to write the lyrics for my favorite song in 1987 for English class ... this was the song I picked)
2. The Descendants, I don't want to grow up (had to write the lyrics for my favorite song in 1992 and this was the song I picked)
3. The Pixies, Wave of Mutilation
4. Radiohead: Fake Plastic Trees
5. Squirrel Nut Zippers: Put a Lid on it

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire billionaire
1. Get a wardrobe of my own custom-designed Converse
2. Take my family (husband, kids, mom and dad, sister and her fam) to Ireland for a few months.
3. Fund the Biscuit Brothers
4. Open up some kind of free, creative center for families - where they could go and take classes together or just make things together (art, sewing, music)
5. Buy a summer home in Portland, OR.

Five bad habits
1. Procrastinating - especially when it comes to housework
2. Getting too chatty when I get excited about something
3. Worrying about money
4. Rushing things - not taking the time to do them right
5. Being too hard on myself

Five things you like doing
1. Reading
2. just about anything crafty
3. hanging out with my family and good friends
4. random web surfing and finding stuff for friends online (I swear, I could be a personal shopper .... I'm queen of sending, "Ooooh! Thought of you when I saw this ..." links)
5. treasure hunting in thrift/fabric stores.

Five things you would never wear again
1. pinch-roll jeans
2. bubble skirts
3. Nicole Miller printed tights (I thought I was so new wave when I'd wear the wild printed tights with a black dress and a beret ... eesh.)
4. Legoons shorts
5. jellies sandals - fluorescent ones .... that matched my fluorescent pink fingerless Madonna-wannabe gloves ....

Five favorite toys
1. PEZ dispensers
2. Speak N Spell
3. my E.T. doll that I got for Christmas in 1982 and slept with until I got married ... (yeah, really)
4. any kind of fun little figurines from favorite movies and tv shows.
5. Lego

Ok now I am tagging:

.... I don't know ... I need to check with friends who won't smack me for tagging them .... I feel very chain letter about all this. (kidding Anna :)

*And strangely, I just realized that 10 years ago and one year ago (same week) major ice storms played a big part in my life. Ten years ago, Chris got stranded at my house in college because of a big ice storm. We made chili, cornbread and a huge plate of chocolate chip cookies. To this day, as soon as it gets cold, we both crave chili, cornbread and chocolate chip cookies. And last year, a huge ice storm postponed our trip to NYC by almost two days.


  1. I've never seen this one before - it was definitely a fun read!

  2. I should have picked children's toys too. More fun! Love the Speak & Spell. Do you remember Merlin?

    Sorry you have to tag someone. I think that's the worst thing about meme's, but they are fun to read.


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