Sunday, March 23, 2008

The brilliant (and hilarious) Amy Karol - how she does bias tape

The kids had Easter baskets full of Fraggle Rock DVDs and NASCAR cars this morning. I didn't have an Easter basket, and stealing jelly beans from theirs wasn't very satisfying. So I was very happy to find this little treat in my Google Reader this morning. I'll consider it my Easter goody.

When I took the Beginning I Sewing Series, Leslie had this great way to attach bias tape to the bottom of the skirt we made. (did I ever show a picture of that? I didn't, did I .... Well, it rocked. It's reversible! Two skirts in one! Less laundry! Victory!) I couldn't remember *exactly* how to do it, though. Fortunately, Amy Karol uses the same method, and she's made a hilarious tutorial video to explain how. I appreciate quirky senses of humor in folks like you can't imagine. So Amy's "real-time" tutorial (meaning she zips off camera for a moment to sew, which you hear in the background) that comes complete with her narrating via Popsicle sticks, is just about the most fantastic tutorial I've seen in a long time ... possibly ever. And aside from just being fun to watch, this really is a fantastic way to attach bias tape with really nice, clean results.

In other words, better than jelly beans and NASCAR. (but Fraggle Rock is kinda hard to beat ...)


  1. THANK YOU for sharing this! I have a project in the pipeline that requires bias tape and I've been at a loss. Until now. (Amy Karol rocks. So do you!)

  2. this was awesome!
    and leads me to a question - have you ever used one of those bias tape makers? I'd like to try it out and am trying to decide which size would be the most useful :)


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