Friday, November 2, 2007

And the test results are ....

Thanks for the sweet comments about AK's testing stress and crafting for her comfort. I am beyond thrilled to report:


She got in the car after school today and was proudly toting her test with a 100% score and a big smiley face. She even got a "Super Speller" award that was signed by the assistant principal (a super cool guy whom she loves, so this was like having a celebrity sign something for her!)

She said, "Mama, it was the blue bird!" I reminded her that her father also studied really hard with her this week, and we did lots of practice tests. Later, when she was telling my mom about her success, she said, "It was because papa helped me study, and mama made me a bird!"

Damn, folks. I don't have many successes as a parent, but I'm taking this one. And to hear her acknowledge Chris and I working together to help her succeed..... guh. It killed me.

Her teacher was fine with her having the bird, and let her keep it on her desk while she took the test. AK even mentioned that the bird "told" her how to spell one of the words.

Can she get sent to the principal for cheating with a softie?


  1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Congratulations to AK, and you and Chris definitely get Parenting Gold Stars.

  2. HOORAY!!! What a wonderful story. You need to keep this one in the family journal for posterity. That's one that you'll be telling for years to come. I'm so glad it worked out the way you intended, and clearly it had the effect you wanted, too. Yeah for all of you!

  3. That is so awesome to hear! I agree w/ Amanda -- you need to write and/or print this out and put it in the family journal... definately something you want to keep and remember.

  4. I really like those stories and I am going to suggest the idea of a craft like that to the parents in my library. That is awsome indeed

  5. Yay! So happy to hear it was successful. I have to admit, I got a wee misty eyed when I read this one.


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