Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Putting the "Secretary" back in Administrative Professionals Day

So today is Administrative Professionals Day. All across the country, Administrative Professionals are getting flowers, maybe candy, maybe taken out to lunch ... all sorts of nice-but-not-what-you-really-wanted gifts, right? In the back of their head, they're probably thinking, "Man, I wish my boss knew my personality well enough to know I'd really rather have some Bad Ass E.T. earrings."

Silly bosses. They should have gone to Naughty Secretary Club's web site. There's a rockin' sale going on over there this week - 25% off! (just enter the word SECRETARY in the coupon code box when you are checking out)

I decided to treat myself to some E.T. earrings I've been eying for a while. What you may not know about me is that I'm a die-hard E.T. fan, and I collect E.T. memorabilia. I actually have some vintage E.T. earrings that I scored at a random cool shop in Atlanta (mint! still in the package!) but they are metal with enamel and just little post earrings. Nothing nearly as big, dangly and fabulous as the ones over at NSC. I can't wait to get them in the mail. Plus, it's just fun wondering what the mail carrier is thinking when they see the return address stamped, "Naughty Secretary Club."

Even if you're not a secretary administrative professional, you can take advantage of the sale and treat yourself to some rather* fabulous baubles.

* OMG, her sister has a Speak N Spell purse. Must. Have.


  1. these are awesome earings...i just love them. Love your blog; first timer.. great blog roll thanks for sharing.
    (crafty south of the river in atx)

  2. Hello!
    Why not secretary? Is the word insulting or derogatory in any way? It is also the book´s day and yesterday was earth day, and the anniversary of Hitler´s, Lenin´s and my own son´s birthday.
    A busy week for people who like to celebrate all type of ephemerides.
    I also enjoy reading your blog and suggestions.

  3. You would be jealous of my stash of E.T. stuff. I have an unfair advantage, though. My nephew Robert played Michael (Eliot's older brother) in the movie.

  4. kathi_d: Shut up! You are kidding me! Oh my gosh, I am so jealous! I've been an E.T. nut my whole life! I still have my E.T. doll (12" plush) that I got for Christmas in 1982. He is very well loved. Very! (his poor little eyes are all scratched up and falling off)

    Wow - that is SO cool. Please tell your nephew that he rocks. That movie has been such a big part of my life! (which I know sounds dorky, but what can I say ... it's fantastic!)

    Be. Good.


  5. I am so happy that you collect E.T. stuff! I can't explain why, it just makes me happy inside. I hope you wear these earrings All. The. Time.

  6. those are awesome earrings!
    i love watching e.t. in spanish, i still remember the very first time i watched it, i cried my little eyes out at the end. my son watched it for the first time when he had justed turned five last year and he also cried at the end, i don't know if i felt said that he felt sad or happy that he showed such strong feelings for e.t. :)

  7. Claudia - that's so funny! I almost mentioned something about watching E.T. in Italian. My family was in Italy for Christmas when I was in college, and I remember spending part of Christmas eve decorating a tiny table-top tree while we watched E.T. in Italian .... that time it was, "Be Brava" So funny!

    I love that E.T. strikes such a chord with everyone. Makes me want to restamp/restitch my E.T. Tea towel .... :)

  8. Too cute! Thanks for the link, they look awesome!


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