Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thank goodness for mail

Yipee! They came today! Considering the craptacular day week two weeks I've had, these were a very welcome surprise today. Once again E.T. (and crafty goodness!) saves the day.

April, don't let the door smack you on the way out.

May, hurry the heck up.


  1. hooray glad ET could cheer you up. You know I am putting your picture into my customer gallery right? If you ever want any other ET jewelry don't order it just email me and I'll send it over for free :)

  2. oooh!
    so cute :)
    if you ever start the E.T. towel tour i'll be super happy to join in.
    ¡Viva E.T.!

  3. Amen to the end of April. May has to be better, right?

  4. Jennifer: Ack! Maybe I can take a new picture after I've had an eyebrow wax .... ;-) I should have thought of that before I snapped a quick photo booth picture at the end (middle, I guess!) of a long day! And I can't tell you how giddy it makes me to know I have a supplier for E.T. goods. :)

    Claudia: oh sweet embroidery genius! An E.T. Tea Towel TOUR brilliance! When things slow down, I'm so organizing that.

    tbnj: hellz to the yeah. May is gonna kick ass. :)

  5. Oh! They're so cute. E.T. holds a lot of childhood memories for me. :)

    I hear ya about April. Good riddance to this month, it's been less-than-stellar! Yay for May!! lol

  6. Oh good grief, I have the same aspirations for May. You KNOW I can relate.

    I love the earrings, and I want in on the tea towel tour. Word.


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