Monday, January 26, 2009

'Cause Sometimes Love is Lame

The first Valentine's Day between my husband and I came early in our relationship - just a month or so after we started dating. We were still deep in the giddy stage of things - enough so that he actually went to a florist to get bags of rose petals ("Careful, those can stain the bed sheets," the clerk warned him ... ) and he assembled a gorgeous basket with a dozen long-stem roses and a bottle of port hidden beneath the loose rose petals (sorry, clerk, we weren't to the "bedsheets" phase of our relationship yet)

As fabulous as that Valentine's Day was (along with the basket, he took me out for a fancy schmancy dinner) I have to admit it created a pretty tough act to follow. Subsequent Valentine's Days have been pretty low key, and honestly - I don't think we've even gotten cards for each other in years. (though he can make a mean chocolate-covered strawberry, my fave) I wouldn't say my heart has gone totally black on V-Day, but it is shriveling a little bit and I have a deep appreciation for crafts that celebrate the cynical side of this mass-commercialized love fest.

Which is why I'm thrilled to be one of the judges for the second annual Dabbled Black Heart Anti-Valentines Day Contest, hosted by Dot. (and my fellow hosts are the beyond awesome Diane and Alice - hurrah!)

Here's the low-down from her web site:
The Rules:
Quite Simple: The theme is anti-valentines. Something a bit darker/creepier than you average valentine project--or however you interpret "Anti-Valentine". Illustrations or any sort of food or craft project welcome. Tutorials and How-to's are encouraged! Simply create your offering, and either post the link to it as a comment on this post (if you don't mind others seeing it), or email it to me at holiday[at]Dabbled[dot]org (if you prefer secrecy!)- please put "Black Heart Contest" in the header of your email. And show off your stuff on flickr by adding it to the dabbled group pool.

You can enter more than once, but only 1 of your entries can win (i.e. the same person can't win 1st and 2nd place)

The Time Frame:

Entries must be received by 11:oo PM Eastern US time on Feb 12.
You can read about the prizes, and grab a cool graphic for your blog over on the Dabbled web site.

Also be sure to check out the gallery of last year's entries and winners. I particularly like this embroidered tea towel with a quote from Mae West from Peggradyart


  1. Well it sounds very interesting! Congrats on being a judge.

    I always look at Valentine's with a sense of humour, I mean it's some day that someone else picked; ho my spouse and I treat each other the remaining 364 days a year is more important to me.

  2. Hey, I've entered the contest! I suppose bribery is out of the question? :) You've got a great blog! You are on my daily agenda of obsessive blog reading now!

  3. I just may have to do something...sounds intresting...

  4. This sounds fun - I think we exchange a card - but it is pretty predictable ;-) I love the black comedy behind this idea - can't wait to see what people submit - I hope no one gets too bitter about love ;-)

  5. Ooh! What a kick! Thanks for the heads up.

  6. I love the anti valentine thing. That embroidery is just lovely.

  7. ROFL! Yeah...after 19 years I've gotten quite bitter! lol! Looks like a really cute contest.


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