Thursday, July 2, 2009

Embroidered Pieces From my Mom

I think I've mentioned before that my mom went through quite the crafty phase herself when she was in her mid twenties to early thirties. She and I seem to share the same interests and habits in crafting. Neither of us really craft(ed) with our kids, and we both have a passion for embroidery. I don't mind that my mom didn't craft with us much as kids, because I can see why it was her thing. It's the same reason I don't do much crafting with my kids, especially when it comes to embroidery. That is my sacred, post-kid-bedtime activity. My mom revealed to me that it was a hobby she picked up with she was a young mom (like me) with a long-working-hours husband (like me) and she was trying to keep her hands busy at night when she watched tv so she wouldn't overeat (like ... me!) I love that even though we never really *talked* about craft before, I still managed to evolve into the same craft habits that she had.

A few weeks ago, I was at my sister's house for a playdate with the kids. I walked down her hallway to fetch one of the kiddos, and stopped dead in my tracks when my eyes fell on this old piece of embroidery. I'd completely forgotten it, but as soon as I saw it, memories and feelings from childhood came rushing back. My mom made this for me and it hung in my room for years when I was a little kid. I remember looking at it so much, for so long, studying every stitch.

This was another piece she stitched. I can't remember if this was in my sister's room or my room, but again - it brought back floods of memories. I remember looking at these pieces with such focused attention, taking in every color and shape and stitch. They were so familiar to me once I saw them again that I can't believe they had ever slipped to the far reaches of my mind where I forgot them for a while.

I love these pieces, not because they are "kitchsy" or "vintage" looking. That's fun and all, but I love the memories of knowing them so well. And now that I know more about why and when my mom made them, I love having that new connection to them. It makes me want to make more things like this for my kids, and to not worry so much if they seem excited about them now. I have a feeling that if they land in their houses decades from now, my kids will have the same loving connection as I have with these.


  1. Gorgeous! And what a treasure to see them again!

  2. such a sweet memory thanks for sharing lady love, excuse me my eyes are waterin'

  3. Beautiful pieces. I'm such a sap, with memories of family, I even love ugly stuff. How nice that your sentiments are connected to such pretty things!

  4. These pictures and your post brought back a very vivid childhood memory for me, too...

    My sister had embroidered a pillow in her 2nd grade class, with chunky yarn. I think it was of a swan. Well, I was only 4 years old and we shared a room. One night I got a pair of scissors and cut it all up to pieces!! I can't believe I did that!

    Don't worry, my sister and I are very close now and I think she forgave me, but it's so weird what kids will do. Sometimes sweet, sometimes downright evil!

    I love your post - much nicer than my little story!

  5. What a wonderful post! I love these pieces, and what a lovely thing to be surprised by them when you least expected it. It's completely cool that you discovered you and your Mom have this common love.

    I hope I get to meet her someday!

  6. What a sweet story and I love that your mom i such an embroidery lover too. No wonder! xoxo

  7. Beautiful - the memories and the embroidery x

  8. How poignant to rediscover and appreciate something that brings you closer to your mom -- love this post!

  9. That's amazing work. You've always been very talented so now we know where you got it from.


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