Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Stitching Flashback

Oh goodness, folks. Summer is ruining me. Kids and I are having loads of fun and craziness and are trying to survive weeks of 100+ temps. I'm just not having much time to craft on my own and blog about it.

I actually have been working on some stitching projects in the last couple of weeks, but they're a little secretive, so no blogging them yet. Instead, I'm going to take you back a couple of years in my stitching. This is a little tooth fairy pillow that I made for my daughter back in 2007 when she started showing signs that her first loose tooth was getting close to popping out.

A little bit about the project: the floral fabric was scavenged from a mumu I found at the thrift store. Now, don't go spreading the word, but I actually covet a mumu. I'm all about comfortable home wear, and I have to admit that I've lovingly fondled mumus in discount stores. As of yet, though, I haven't been able to actually go through with the purchase of one. I thought this "vintage" mumu might satisfy my desire to wear a robe-dress around the house while being hip and retro at the same time. Sadly, it was too small, so parts of it became this tooth fairy pillow.

The embroidered image is actually from a Bambi coloring page. My daughter has always been obsessed with forest creatures (animals of any sort, actually) and deer - specifically "stags" - are at the top of her list. This was some of the most delicate embroidery I've ever done. I think I used just 2 or even 1 strand for the whole thing.

The sewing was not my finest work, but it did the job, and my daughter actually loved it. She's used it for every tooth she's lost so far - including the one where the tooth fairy forgot to show up and take the tooth! Ooops .... she remembered the following night.

Also of note is the wee pocket. I'm a frugal gal, and my whole life I only remember getting a quarter for a lost tooth. I made this pocket just big enough to hold one quarter. Nothing more. Even the tooth fairy is falling victim to the weakened economy!


  1. What a neat idea! I love the stitching over the print. T

  2. This is the cutest thing ever. Suddenly feeling sad that I didn't have one when I was a kid. The embroidery on the print fabric is so beautiful!

  3. I love mumus and this pillow ! what a memorable image from bambi!

  4. That is one fantabulous pillow!

  5. a tooth should be worth a quarter! a kid told me once she got 20 bucks! i was outraged!

  6. I really find your embroidery handiwork on the fabric very appealing. Really love the effect.

    Definitely get a mumu! I've been wearing mine for so many years they are probably retro or vintage by now - like my whole life seems to be! So great to have around - all you have to do is slip it over your head and you are dressed!

    And Diane, it wouldn't have mattered if you'd had a cute little pillow like this one - your stupid tooth fairy would probably still have forgotten to put a quarter in the pocket and I would have had to tear your bed apart in the morning pretending to find it!

  7. Sorry, but a quarter was probably worth a lot more when you were a kid. At least keep up with inflation.


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