Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Dreaming of Portland ....

Two weeks from today (yesterday, actually) my husband and I will be in Portland to celebrate our 9-year anniversary and enjoy the Oregon Brewer's Festival. I'll also be indulging in a gleeful day of crafty goodness with one of my crafty BFFs, Diane of CraftyPod.

You've heard me gush about her before, and I'm so excited to finally be able to see her again. We met last summer when my husband and I were in Portland for the first time (we fell so in love with the place, we've decided to go back every year until we can retire there). Diane let me tag along to one of her Church of Craft meetings, which was a total blast. We'd emailed a few times before that, and I'd been listening to her podcast for a while. Once we met in person we just completely clicked. I'm talking ... sometimes we feel like we share a brain, and it gets really creepy.

We've become fast friends via email this last year, and the idea of getting to hang with her for an entire day doing nothing but crafty stuff in Portland ... it has me all giddy like you wouldn't believe.

My husband and I have both had one heck of a summer, and every once in a while, we'll look across our laptop screens at each other and weakly whisper: "Poooorrrtttlllaaannddd" It's a big, juicy, crunchy carrot hanging out there for us, and we can't wait to chomp it.

If you read many blogs or craft publications, you know that Portland is a hub of crafty fabulousness, and home to some very talented crafty folks. Diane has put together a day of fun, exploring some of her favorite spots, and working in loads of time to just sit and talk and make stuff (which just sounds heavenly to me!). We're even going to get to hook up with Susan Beal (eeeks!) and Sarah & Josh (double eeeks!) I'm just beside myself. I can't stop thinking about it.

To help me make it through the next two weeks, I'm going to *try* to highlight some of the places we are planning to visit and some of the people we are planning to meet. I say *try* because I'm also trying to squeeze in an insane workload and actually prepare for the trip (and folks with kids and who are self-employed know that planning for the trip can be so much work you start to wonder why you are leaving!) I'll do my best.

If you've been to Portland, live in Portland, or just have a love affair with it like I do, leave a comment and let me know your favorite places to visit - craft-related or not. I'll also have several days with my husband to celebrate and have fun. Oh my gosh ... I'm getting giddy just writing this! So bring on restaurant recs, fun places to visit, possible day trips (we were thinking Cannon Beach?) and any other ideas. C'mon, Portland!!!!


  1. Ooh! I get to be the first to respond to your PDX post! Three thoughts from Josh & I:

    1- Go to Cannon Beach. It rules. Lots of locals dis on CB (it's sort of ritzy for an Ore. beach town), but I grew up here and still love it. Very chilled, a few good restaurants, very easy to get to from PDX. Josh and I usually go to Cannon Beach for our anniversary, actually. You'll have a blast.

    2-You must eat breakfast at Cadillac Cafe on NE Broadway. You must get the hazelnut French toast. You just must. Trust me. I know French toast.

    3- Beer. But you knew that already.

    We're so excited you're going to be in town!


  2. Crafting and a sweet beer fest? Sounds like heaven.

    I've only driven through Portland and it looks so lovely. Definitely have to go there now.

  3. Awesome! John and I can not wait until we get to visit Portland! We already know we're going to love it too.

    I can't wait to hear more about your hot spots.


  4. My hubby and I live in Eugene, just 2 hours south of Portland! We try to get up to "the city" whenever we can and it is a great city! Heck, I think all of the Pacific Northwest Rocks, but I am biased I guess.
    Anyway, if you are into a few touristy things, I highly recommend both the Japanese Garden in Washington Park (near the zoo and children's museum) and the Chinese Garden, which is in China Town down by the River.
    You must visit Powell's Book Store. We do every time we go there. A bigger and better bookstore you will not find...
    Yes, Cannon Beach is amazing and the town of Astoria is awesome. This is a great time of year to visit the Oregon Coast, but it is not a "warm" beach experience, so bring a light jacket.
    Oh and the beer here is the best! And I'm not much of a beer drinker.
    Have fun!

  5. Can't wait for our Best. Day. Ever!

  6. My brother lives in the Portland area and I have had the fortune of visiting him frequently over the last several years. I love Portland. I suggest you go to the Saturday market and you must find the Spoon Man and see his craftiness!! His website: Have so much fun.

  7. Something tells me you aren't bringing the kids along.

    Not. Fair.

  8. Oh, I love me some Portland.

    Powell's is my fav. I could spend my whole vacation there.

  9. I've wanted to go to Portland for ages. I think I've fallen in love with the US through the craft world, which is why I love the sound of places like Austin and Portland. Have a wonderful time, and I'm looking forward to hearing all about it!

  10. Yes! Go to Cannon Beach and definitely bring a jacket! But don't just go to the town, go to Hug Point and Arcadia Beach and Ecola Park. Be sure to walk over to Haystack Rock during low tide so you can see the tide pools and all the neat sea creatures. Have a wonderful time! I'm sure Diane will show you all the best places.

  11. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! i hate that i am leaving it on your blog, but loved reading all of the Portland suggestions. Looks like Mark and i have another place to dream about. but, for now, front yard slip and slide - stuff dreams are made of!
    love you! ali

  12. I love Portland! :) I've lived there my whole life, and it is really wonderful. You will absolutely *LOVE* the Knittn Kitten! I go about once every two weeks, and wish I could go more.

    Here are some other Portland suggestions:

    Powell's City of Books! It's a huge book store with three huge floors of magnificent books. They have an *huge* craft/sewing/knitting book section. It's one of my favorite places to go. (

    VooDoo Doughnut! This is a fun spot with all sorts of crazy donuts. (

    Doug Fir! Go here for lunch one day. It's got a cool vibe. (

    Ya Hala! If you like Lebanese food. It's my all-time favorite restaurant in Portland. The food is excellent, and the prices are so cheap! (

    My favorite Portland Boutiques/Indie Shops:

    Noun (
    Flutter (
    Presents of Mind: (
    Frock: (
    Naked City (no website, but they're on the same street as Presents of Mind)

    Oh! And ReRun is a really awesome thrift store PACKED with cool stuff at unbelievably reasonable prices (

    If you guys want to check out a movie while you're here, Laurelhurst is neat old art deco theater. Plus you can have pizza and beer while you watch your movie and tickets only cost $3 (



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