Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Notable Notions - everything you needed to know about basic sewing notions

July is going to be a slim pick'ns blog month for me. I've got a regular work load a few other special projects that have to be done this month, and it's the only month of the summer where I have zero child care and will be out of town for 10 days. Just writing that last sentence almost made me puke!
So for now, I'd like to pass on a little something fabulous from my best pal, Leslie. I've told you before how awesome the Stitch Lab weekly newsletter are, and that you should sign up for them even if you aren't local to Austin. Leslie and I have a blast putting them together each week. Aside from our awesome sewing class schedules, we put loads of great information in each newsletter. The last few newsletters have been especially informative, thanks to a new series Leslie has written about basic sewing notions.

The series is called, "Notable Notions" and so far she has covered basic sewing supplies, thread and presser feet. We've had fun setting up and taking pictures of the various notions (the piles of vintage spools of thread were my fave) and Leslie has included some awesome information. As always, she's able to present a lesson in an easy-to-understand, fun, practical way. She's magic like that.

Go sign up for the newsletter. Our latest one just went out this afternoon, so until the next one, you can enjoy the Notable Notions archive on the Stitch Lab website.


  1. Thankyou! What a tremendously helpful idea. Now I'm going to spend the day playing with presser feet.

    Good luck with challenging July...

    (here via meet me at mikes...)

  2. I'm with bex - I've been playing with presser feet the entire day after reading this! Awesome write up.


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