Monday, October 1, 2007

Another reason I love the fall: New Episodes of my Fave shows

I've been cranky the past few weeks, because it's still hot as all get out here in Austin. I keep reading friends' blogs, talking about cooler weather, sketching beautiful fall scenes, and yet here I am in 92+ degree weather, sweating like a crazy person. Fall is my favorite time of year. I honestly get insanely happy when it's cool, gray and windy. Here? It's hot, sunny and .... sunny. That should be a good thing, but I don't buy it. Is there an opposite disorder to SAD?

So if I can't get my fall fix from weather or foliage, at least I can get it from the happy arrival of the fall TV season (sad, I know). New episodes of Craft Lab and Creative Juice started today. I've got the DVR locked and loaded to record them all, and I'm hoping it doesn't go wonky and mess up. I actually got to watch the recorded Craft Lab while I ate lunch today. Lots of glittery fun with the Crafty Chica. I haven't been a fan of glitter in the past - perhaps because I've really only played with the cheap, big stuff - but their glitter projects looked way cool.

In non-craft television goodness, I was happy to see the return of The Office and SNL last week, and I can.not.wait. to see the new season of 30 Rock. Seriously, the funniest TV show I've ever watched. (keep in mind that I've never watched Arrested Development. I know. I KNOW! We didn't have cable for almost 6 years. I'm behind. Sue me.)

Other Fall Craft Goodness in Austin:

Someday, when we retire to Portland, I'll actually get to enjoy a Real Fall. Until then, I'll just make do with these gems.

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  1. I just came over from Violette Crumble's blog and just wanted to say hi, not really from Portland, but from very near to it. I have heard so many cool things about Austin, but I couldn't live there because of the heat.

    If I could, I'd send you a little storm from here!


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