Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Take notice

September's ATC theme for the Creative Mom Podcast exchange was "signs." And though I had my idea for the card when I first heard the prompt, I dragged my feet the entire month and ended up not creating the card until October 1st. (Ouch! Slap my hand, Amy ... I hate being late on these things ... really, I do)

I stalled on making the card, because I was afraid it wouldn't make sense to anyone else but me. I finally just decided to run with it, and when I sat down to make the card all the pieces I needed fell right in to place. My mom would say, "It's a sign! This is the card you need to make!"

So, speaking of dear old mom.... she's a "signs" kinda gal. Everything (and I mean e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g) can be a sign to her. When Amy first mentioned the ATC theme, my mom's face instantly popped into my head.

And so did her "purchase cardinal."

You see, when my mom and dad were shopping for a house here in Austin, and visited the one they ended up buying, it wasn't the beautiful architecture, the fine craftsmanship or the prime location that sold mom on the house. No, she noticed and loved all those things, but wasn't quite certain ... until she stepped outside and a cardinal flew up and landed on a bush by the front door.

"It's a sign! It's a sign! This is the house!"

And so was born the family joke of the "purchase cardinal." Anytime we have a big decision or big purchase to make, we often call for him. "Oh purchase cardinal, where are you!? Give me a sign!"

And though we mercilessly tease mom about her "signs," the truth is, I love that she notices these little things. With all the big, important details flying around, mom notices these little things. And I love that.

So ... signs ... notice them. :)

PS - the image and text on the card are from a children's literature book. The blue tape is some kind of scrapbooking (?) tape I scored in a grab bag from the thrift store. I outlined the bird with some red glitter glue, 'cause even a bird needs some bling.


  1. See, this is exactly the way I love to experience art -- accompanied by the story of the people, places, and things that influenced it. I definitely need my own purchase cardinal. And I love your card!

  2. I only recently figured out what ATCs are. I dig the purchase cardinal story a lot.
    You can get cute Bento boxes at the Wheatsville Co-op and supposedly at the Dollar Tree, but I have to figure out where there is one in Austin.

    I'm also super psyched to have The Office back in my Tivo, along with my other guilty pleasure, Beauty and the Geek. Nothing like a little good (or bad) T.V. to wind down to before bed. I don't get the D.I.Y channel unfortunately. Also, if you are seriously considering living in Portland, go visit in December and see how you can handle turning the lights on every morning and leaving them on until you go to sleep. Didn't work out so well for me but it's fine by others.

  3. Oh - Rachel - this story is just the best.... and it so totally captures for me the "why" of the ATCs... that there is such a story behind yours... I love that. That was a GREAT sign... and a great card to commemorate it!

  4. I really enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing it.
    -fellow CMP listener


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