Saturday, October 27, 2007

Last-Minute Costume Creation

You know that friend of yours who waited a little longer to start having kids than you did? And you just kept hoping they'd have a kid so you could be parents together and do fun kid things with them? And then they did have a kid, and you were overly excited that you finally got to share parent/kid stuff with them?

That's how it was with one of my best, longest-known friends, Lara. We met in the bathroom of Crockett Elementary School in 1982, and have been pals ever since. We went to camp together, hung out in high school theater together, and were in each other's weddings. So when she finally jumped in to motherhood (5 years after I'd taken the plunge) I could not wait to start sharing fun parenting experiences with her.

I had the chance to do something really fun for her last week. Her daughter, O, was needing a Halloween costume, and Lara asked if I had any ideas on putting together a chocolate chip cookie outfit. The crafty wheels started turning, and this is what we came up with one afternoon. We were able to complete it in one nap session - it's amazing how fast you can work when the kids are sleeping.

I've created a mini visual tutorial through Flickr - all you need is some felt, a tiny bit 'o poly fill, and you're on your way to a yummy costume.


  1. Thanks for the instructions. Did you have a problem with it staying stiff and not look like it was a folded cookie? I'm trying to do this costume for myself - adult.

    1. Hmmm ... it might be a little more difficult to have it stand straight out around all sides for an adult. When we were working on this costume, I based it on other ready-made costumes I found on the internet, particularly some M&Ms costumes. You might want to google those and see if you can gather any ideas on how they are made to stay standing outward. I seem to remember them having a filling of some sort. Hope that helps, some! Good luck! :)


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