Thursday, July 17, 2008

Another reason I love The Cure

I can't remember if I've mentioned this here before, but my husband is a huge fan of The Cure. We're talking hard core, own every album on vinyl, see every concert he can, kind of fan. Considering the fact that The Cure was the soundtrack to our courtship, it's no surprise that over the years, I've become a big fan as well. And I'll even admit that we have Cure lyrics inscribed in our wedding rings. Yep. There I said it.

Last month, we saw them in concert here in Texas. I'd never seen them before, but was determined to make at least one of their Texas shows with Chris. He's the kind of fan who will see every show in the state when The Cure is on tour, so when they announced their shows in Dallas, Houston and Austin, we snagged tickets to all three shows. I ended up just seeing them in Austin and Houston, but he went to Dallas as well. I was floored by how good they sounded, and what an amazing show they put on (more than three hours straight of fabulous music). It really gave me a whole new appreciation for them.

I also knew that guitarist, Porl, is an amazing artist - he's done several covers of Cure albums. His work graces the covers of their latest single, Sleep When I'm Dead. My husband has pre-ordered singles from The Cure's upcoming album, and they are being delivered one each month until the album is released. He received the Sleep When I'm Dead single today and just showed me the cover. What did I find mixed in with Porl's beautiful watercolor art?


That's right. He's included running stitches and a star stitch. It's gorgeous and adds a really cool texture to the art. I just taught an emrboidery class tonight, and wished I had seen this before class so I could have shown them. How cool to see embroidery creep up on a Cure album! Thanks, Porl.


  1. I use to LOVE the Cure! Glad to hear they still have great concerts.

  2. Oh, I love your description of your "fan-atic" husband. My hubby is a HUGE Smiths fan and their music was the music of our courtship and we even had a Smiths song as our recessional at our wedding and have seriously considered naming our first child Smith. I am a Smiths fan now because of him and we see Morrissey every time we can.

    I also love the Cure! I've seen them twice (long ago) and they are great in concert!

  3. TOO COOL! Funny, I've been listening to The Cure all week. Reminds me of when I was skinny and cute. :(

  4. the cure were recently here in portugal and their concert was amazing (I didn't go but had a friend that went), it lasted 3 hours... loooove their music and this is bringing me so good memories!!!! thanks

  5. I love the Cure! A friend of mine saw them in NYC recently, and I was green with envy. Now I'm green all over again. Ahhhh...fabulous. Sigh.

  6. I love seeing embroidery incorporated in fine art...and this is so very cool!

  7. Holy smokes! I was a big Cure fan back in the day. Of course I still love the older stuff ... but some of the newer stuff isn't my fave. Anyway ... I LOVE this post. :) The embroidery is such a great touch. The funniest part is that my husband and I are always saying "We'll sleep when we're dead" so maybe this is the album that will win back my heart. :)

    (freaky synchronicity: my word verification is "smtih" ... how weird is that?!)


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