Sunday, January 13, 2008

For the love of Biscuits

I've always had a strange fondness for kids' television shows - really good ones at least ... not the kind that make you want to bang your head on a wall. So when I had kids, it was nice to have an excuse to watch kid shows with them. A few years ago, a dear friend introduced me to The Biscuit Brothers, an Austin-based kids' show centered around music education. She'd helped them on their earlier episodes and figured they'd be right up our alley.

They were.

Quirky, creative and fun, they inspire kids to explore music and model the kind of caring, generous behavior that we all could use a dose of. This isn't a show that will blind your eyes with blaring graphics or pierce your ears with brain-numbing musical numbers. It's more on the level of our favorite children's classics, like Mr. Rogers meets the Muppet Show ... on a farm ... that's magical and musical ... OK, just trust me - it's the best kid show ever.

I had the privilege of volunteering with the Biscuit Brothers a few years ago - helping with marketing/PR and general spreading the love kinda stuff. (this isn't a big glossy tv production - it's 4 highly dedicated, insanely talented best friends putting their passion to work out of their own pockets) It was great fun to work with them, and more important than the experience I had was the friendships I developed with this great group of people.

And you know what happens when a crafty-type like myself is met with inspiration and admiration for others, right? You make stuff inspired by them. Over the last few years, I've had several fun, Biscuit-inspired projects. Here are the highlights:

1. Tiny Buford: A custom Biscuit Brothers PEZ dispenser - I don't have a picture of this one, but it's probably on of my favorites. I made it for Allen Robertson (Buford Biscuit) as a thank you for copying a few Biscuit Brothers episodes to DVD so our family could watch them on a road trip. It's a PEZ dispenser converted into Buford Biscuit. (I collect PEZ dispensers) I squealed out loud when it made a random appearance in a second-season episode (I didn't know that was coming).

2. Tiny Scarecrow and Buttermilk Biscuit Christmas Stockings - The gentleman who voices Tiny Scarecrow - the most hilarious puppet sidekick ever - and the woman who plays the Biscuit Sister, Buttermilk, got married a couple of years ago, I was stuck on what to give them. I was low on funds and didn't really want to go down the traditional route of gifts. They got married in mid-November, so I ended up making them stockings based on their characters. It was a blast translating their characters into this format.

3. AK's Buttermilk Biscuit Costume - this was one of the first big outfits I made for AK, right when I started sewing. It was such a blast to make for her and watch her wear. I was very early in my sewing lessons at that point, so mom had to help me attach the bodice and finish it. It was fun to sew with her.

4. My DIY Share the Biscuit Love T-Shirt - I could take a picture of it, but it's all faded now. In the height of my iron-on-things-on-anything-that-will-sit-still phase, I made a t-shirt that said, "the world needs more scarecrow irony" on the front and "i (heart) tiny scarecrow" on the back. If you watch the show, you kinda get what this means. (if you don't - Tiny Scarecrow is a scarecrow with hayfever ... he's allergic ... to himself)

5. My Tiny Scarecrow Teapot - I signed up for a teapot class at the Work*Shop back in December. I knew they would lead the class with a lesson on how to create a specific design on your teapot. But on the way to the class, while I was stuck in really horrible traffic and made very very late, I decided I wanted to do something fun and goofy on my teapot. Something that would make me laugh when I used it. I came up with the idea to make a Tiny Teapot, and was pleased with how well Tiny Scarecrow's face works on a teapot. The backside is made to resemble Buttermilk Biscuit's patchwork apron. I'm drinking tea from this pot as I type, and I have to say - it serves its purpose of making me giggle. Can't ask for more than that.

Even if you don't have kids, you would love this show. Check your PBS listings to see if it airs in your area, and if it doesn't, request it. You'll be glad you did. Perhaps you'll be inspired to make Biscuit crafts!

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