Wednesday, January 16, 2008

File under: Stuff I'd like to try

Ack! I've just stumbled on* a new-to-me blog, and I'm in love. I need another subscription added to my Reader like I need a hole in my head, but I can't resist this one. Check out Making it Lovely. There's some serious eye candy going on over there.

Nicole has a great tutorial on How to Make a Patterned Vase (and make it one you can change out with your mood). Simple fun things like this make me giddy. (not to mention, the cat in this picture makes me want to stick my face in her belly)

Plus, the stuff in Nicole's online shop, Pink Loves Brown, is amazing. Sewing themed stationery? A line of cards called the Periodic Table of Sentiments? (Ty = Thank You) I'm drooling and wracking up a huge mental credit card bill. Enjoy!

* found via Be Sew Stylish

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