Thursday, February 21, 2008

Crafters for Obama

Tonight, Obama and Clinton will hold their debate here in Austin. I'm so jazzed (even though I'm going to have to record it and watch it later, 'cause I have a group meeting tonight) and there is such a cool feeling in the air around here. It's the first time in ages that I've felt excited about the political process, and that I've felt really energized and excited about a candidate.

Yep, I'm an Obama girl. And my mom .... whew boy ... I think she's going to be president of his fan club. She's been cracking me up over the last few months - emailing articles, videos, calling me when he's speaking on tv, wearing her Obama t-shirts - she is head over heels in love with him. (not like that ... she's excited about what he can do for America)

So I was very excited to see support for him pop up in the crafting community via Julie Ree's blog. She's set up a fund raising campaign specifically for crafters who support Obama. You can donate to his campaign in the name of crafting! I love that.

She's voiced her support more beautifully than I can at the moment, so I'll present her words here, and encourage you - if you feel so compelled - to donate to his campaign in the name of crafting and help her reach this goal. It really is one of those "if everyone just donated $15 ... " kind of thing - she's about a quarter of the way there. And then add the Crafters for Obama button to your web site and share the word.

Thank you, Julie!

from Julie's web site:

"It's about more than policy changes. It's about a sea change in attitude among the American people. He's asking us to step up, pitch in, and work together to transform our country. He has inspired me to think about how I can engage more in my community, how I can serve others, and what role I will play in the future of my country. I am proud to be inspired by him. Imagine what kind of change we might see if he were given the chance to inspire the whole country as President?

I invite you to join me in supporting Barack Obama. This crafting community is an extraordinary group of thoughtful, hard-working, strong women. I think his message will resonate with you as it has with me.


You can also easily and quickly donate to a fundraising campaign I have set up. My campaign,
Crafters for Obama, has a goal of $2000. Help me meet this goal. In this month alone, Obama's campaign has received contributions from more than 249,000 people, 90% of whom have contributed less than $100. Help us keep the momentum of this grassroots movement.

And when you're ready to support Barack, won't you add the "Crafters for Obama" button to your blog to show your support? It's in the top right column, and I invite you to display it proudly on your blog. I have great reason to hope. Instead of a politics of murk and muck, I see a path, however winding and long it might be, that can lead us toward renewal and hope. I want our country to be on that path."

Beautifully said, Julie. Thank you! And readers, please (if you agree, of course) post about this on your blog, and let us know you did with a link in the comments here. Thank you!


  1. He is charismatic. However not much of a track record for me to look at. (Yes I do give him credit for voting against the war.) Its kind of like buying a car that has just been released on the market, untried. I have to hear a lot more talking and action by ALL of the politicans before I pick one that MIGHT be good.
    Having said that - the only ones who should get to complain are the ones who actually vote so I am glad you are one of the VOTERS!!!

  2. Thanks so much for letting us know about the Crafters for Obama "movement." We're proudly putting it on our site!
    ~Sarah & Josh

  3. yuk!! A thousand times YUK YUK!!

    How about crafters for Hillary??

  4. I think your idea is intriguing. I mentioned you and your "Craftivism" on my blog today, Oh, and yes, today is Ohio's primary. And yes, I voted Obama. -Jenny


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