Monday, February 18, 2008

New patterns on Sublime Stitching Web site!


The embroidery love just keeps on flowing. New patterns are up on the Sublime Stitching web site and -lordy- are they fabulous! Must. Order. Now.

Check out some new artist series patterns from Julie West and Lisa Petrucci.

And then grab hold of your jaw, 'cause it's gonna drop when you lay your eyes on the Forest Friends transfers. HO-LEEE-CRAP. I was thinking I was getting kind of tired of forest animals - they are on just about everything in craftland, and since I have a daughter who is a forest animal freak (her bedroom is a "magical forest" - seriously - with these and this on the walls) I get my fill of little forest critters.

But leave it to Jenny Hart to put her awesome spin on a trend and make it all cool and new and fresh for you. There's a stag in there - that's my daughter's favorite - and a cutie little hedgehog.

And then the Tattoo Alphabet - complete with little extras like daggers and a tattoo-style banner - are super cool. Hooray for new embroidery fun!

I'm off to order now. I might be able to get something done for my daughter in time for her seventh birthday on the first of March .....

(all images from the
Sublime Stitching Web site)


  1. HEDGEHOG!!!

    I had a little pet hedgehog, lucy, when i first moved to Austin...I was lonely and she was totally my Own Special Friend. I miss her...

    I'm going to embroider her on something now...

  2. Hi Rachel! Thanks for entering the Apronista giveaway - I have had your blog in my google reader for awhile now - I love the embroidery goodies - who knew hedgehogs could be so cute???


    R U going to these?

  4. omg, you are a great mom letting your daughter have those on her walls. excellent.


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