Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What's this? Craft Lab on my DVR!?

As I mentioned before, I love my crafty tv and was pretty bummed to hear that shows like Craft Lab, Uncommon Threads, etc. were being put on indefinite hiatus or sent to the wee hours of the morning time slots. I have my DVR set to record these shows any time they come on, so they will catch them no matter the unfortunate time slot. For about a month, I've sadly had not Craft Labs or Uncommon Threads on my DVR .... until today.

I was just scrolling through my list of recordings, and some where between Zoboomafu and Frontline - there it popped up! It recorded yesterday and today ... and at 1:30 pm on DIY.

Have they listened?

We still need to let them know that we like that Craft Lab is back and in a good time slot, and we want them to keep it that way and bring Uncommon Threads back!


  1. Thanks for the support lady! Ya I noticed that the show is on this week and then off again? Weird.

  2. I really miss Carol Duvall. That lady knew how to rock the craft show, didn't she?


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