Saturday, February 16, 2008

Some Linky Love

I don't feel like I've been making much this last week - I've had sick kiddos, work and more work, and just one of those random weeks where I can't seem to get in to the craft room and get to makin'.

I am continuing with my sewing classes, and am about half way through the Beginning II Sewing Series. I'm making this wrap dress out of a blue knit. I'm not much of a blue person (unless it's a nice aqua) but for some reason I really like this fabric. It's kind of a peacock blue. I've never sewn with a knit before, but I figured this would be a good time to start - with Leslie right there as I go. I'm nervous as all get out, but since I get to take my time with this project, I think it's going to turn out pretty darn cool. We spent all of the last class just altering the pattern to fit us, and cutting the pieces. It feel awesome to know I'll have a dress that is custom fit to me.

So - since I haven't been making stuff this week (since the last sewing class) here's some fun stuff I've been reading on blogs. Enjoy!

Indian Mirror Embroidery - This is an awesome tutorial for Indian mirror embroidery - I've got to give this a try. I found the link to the Joyful Abode blog through the Flickr Embroidery group.

Tea Wallets - my pal, Leigh, cracked me up when we went to NYC a couple of years ago. We went to a great place for breakfast, and she whipped out her own bag of tea. I laughed, but when I tried her tea, I got it - it was worth bringing her own. When I saw these Tea Wallets on DIYnamite (via a tutorial on Craftster) I instantly thought of her.

Side table makeover - I love this makeover Dabbled did on a side table. It now serves as a great play stove. This is the kind of project I always want to do for my kids, but never get around to. I need to change that. My parents made a little wooden kitchen for us when we were kids, and we loved it. They still have it at their house, and now the grandkids play with it whenever they visit.

Painting shadow box - Book Hou crafts has a beautiful shadow box project. I love this.

Loving Hands Quilt - From the Back and Forth Project gals. This is such a beautiful and thoughtful project. I love it! I'm just trying to figure out who I can do this for now .....

It's probably a good thing that this week was slow in craft land for me. There are several projects that will be popping up in the next few weeks for me. One is a super secret project that I can't wait to reveal, the other is a fun project my friend and I are putting together for the Back and Forth project. I'm also going to try to work on something for my daughter for her birthday ... which is in just a couple of weeks ... (yikes!) I'll be finishing my dress in the next few weeks, and I've got a few ATCs in the works, so a little calm before that productive storm is a good thing.

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