Wednesday, May 28, 2008

CRAFT Magazine - the reason we are celebrating this weekend

All this fun stuff I've been talking about this week is fine and good, but the core of why we are having this awesome party is the fabulous CRAFT Magazine! I've actually been working on a week-long series about several different craft magazines, and CRAFT is at the top of that list. The CRAFT folks have established themselves as the authority on the DIY movement, and have done a spectacular job at building and supporting the crafting community.

All of my friends who have CRAFT subscriptions talk about receiving their quarterly mag in the same way. They get that kind of glassy eye look, and describe - in detail - their reading ritual. I'm no better. The minute I see the magazine in my mailbox, I get all giddy. As soon as I get back to the house, I tear it open and scan through every single page, making mental notes of things I want to go back and check out. After the initial scan, the magazine usually luxuriates on my nightstand, offering up fun reading material for weeks. Once I've fully read it cover-to-cover (and if I'm not immediately doing a project from the issue) it hits my bookshelf, along with all my other issues (I have all but the first one!)

I'm going to go ahead and reveal my complete and utter geeky-ness here by admitting that I look at them all in a line on my shelf much the same way I've admired bookshelves lined with the yellow spines of National Geographic. Sure, there are only 7 issues, but still - I hold them in that regard.

And why not? They are filled with inspiration, fun, and - most importantly - things that I just love and that make me happy. You can't get much better than that.

I also love being able to see articles written by people I know and admire. One of my most hilarious magazine moments was when I opened the Play issue and recognized Diane's thumbs in her Otedama tutorial before I even read her byline. Clearly, I've read waaaaay to many of her wonderful tutorials. :)

I finally treated myself to a subscription to CRAFT last fall at Maker Faire. They were having specials on subscriptions and I jumped on it. I was so glad I did. Not only did I get a great deal on the subscription, but I got to take a free issue home with me that day - so it was like a double bonus. Five issues for the price of discounted four! Score!

And guess what? If you come to the CRAFT Release Party this weekend, you'll get to partake of that same deal. Five issues for the price of a discounted four. (buying 4 issues on the newsstand would be $59.96 while the subscriptions are only $34.95) You'll get to subscribe *and* take a copy of CRAFT home with you that day. How fabulous is that? What are you waiting for?

More updates on the event tomorrow - including more about the yummy food we'll have. In the meantime, I'll whet your appetite with a look at one of the many door prizes we'll have on Sunday. They are adorable, practical, fun mini wallets from Austin handbag designer, Anne Marie Beard. (cash not included ;)

From Anne Marie: These things are so cute and are perfect for the essentials so you can slip them right in your back pocket or a tiny cute purse. The versatile and super useful pouch are a staple of shoppers all over Austin. They're one of the best selling items at Parts & Labour, and are made so well, that people use them until the fabric wears into shreds...but the seams are still sewn! Thanks, Anne Marie!

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