Sunday, May 4, 2008

Embroidery Overload

One of my all-time favorite non-crafty blogs is Cute Overload. I seriously get excited when I see updates in my Google Reader. Something about disgruntled bunnies and hedgehogs kronching food just makes my day and lowers the ole blood pressure.

I giggled with delight when I saw them post an embroidery pattern that played on their "Caturday" feature. Even more interesting, though, was the conversation that ensued in the comments about copyright infringement with vintage embroidery designs. Aside from some interesting information, it was really cool to see several people mention that they were interested in getting started on embroidery, and others who piped in with resources. Some of my favorite embroidery web sites (Floresita's vintage transfers and Sublime Stitching) were linked to in the comments.

Whatever it takes to get more stitching, I guess ...


  1. Me too! I check Cute Overload obsessively all day long!

  2. Cute! I posted that transfer on my blog a while back:

    Oh, and I love the itinerant copyright "police". Do they think that if they crack enough cases on their own that they might get hired on full-time? :) It's not an Aunt Martha's pattern, it's Monarch (according to my envelope).

    Anyway, it's nice to see this is inspiring people to start embroidering! :)

  3. OMG! That is the funniest line of comments EVER on a blog that has nothing to do with embroidery or copyright law! Some people! Great idea though.

  4. what a cute blog, i will be checking back for more cuteness :)

  5. Um, I too check cuteoverload a million times a day! My boyfriend doesn't get it, I say he doesn't get it!


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