Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day giveaway update

OK - here's a little something to sweeten the Mother's Day giveaway deal: In addition to a copy of the Mother's Guide to Self-Renewal, the winner will also receive a signed copy of Kari Anne Roy's hilarious Haiku Mama. I was just lucky enough to win the LiveMom's Mother's Day giveaway (yay!) and a signed copy of Haiku Mama was part of the prize package. Thing is, I already have a signed copy - one that's well-read and laughed over, in fact - so I'm passing on the copy to the winner of my Mother's Day giveaway!

Laughter is a big part of self-renewal, and nothing will make you laugh like Kari's book. Case in point:

Bubbles are awesome,
but don't pop them with your eyes.

Then they kind of suck.

and (from the facing page of the one above, actually!)

Toddler lexicon:

"Mommy, my butt is sneezing."
Translate that one fast.

Kari is one of the most hilarious, awesome people I know. You will love this book. You can read a great profile of Kari on the LiveMom web site, while you're at it. Enjoy!

You still have to read and comment on the original giveaway post, and be sure to read all the "rules" on commenting. Thanks, y'all. I'll draw late tonight so you still have some time to enter.

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  1. Just thought I'd leave an "Aw, shucks," comment. :)

    Thanks for the props!



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