Saturday, May 31, 2008

A few last little tidbits for tomorrow

Door Prizes from the Stitch Lab - Leslie has selected six fabulous prints from the Two Young Street, Prints Charming collection and put together two sets of fat quarters to give away. YUM!

Door Prizes from Naughty Secretary Club - oodles and oodles of goodies! It's going to be hard to part with these darlins!

Door Prizes from Chronicle Books! We'll be giving away a copy of Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts: Fuzzy Felted Friends and Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts! Amigurumi! and Eco Dog: Healthy Living for Your Pet.

Examples of our Make and Take Projects! These button bracelets are based on the Red Sparkles Vintage Button Bracelet from Susan Beal's new book Bead Simple (you can read my review over here. In a word: magnificent!) The current issue of CRAFT magazine has another button bracelet project from Susan called Cute As A Button. We'll have copies of that project to show at the event as well.

My name tag! Leslie had the brilliant idea to print our name tags on fabric and stitch them up nicely. My stitching isn't generally this wonky, but the felt is the stiff kind, and it was kind of tricky to stitch on.

Whew! I still have last-minute errands to run, so it's time to get off the computer and on the road.
See you tomorrow!
CRAFT Magazine Release Party
at the Work*Shop from 1-4 PM with special guest
Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching

And a list of very sincere thank-yous to all the folks who have blogged or posted about the event! THANK YOU! If I've somehow missed you, please let me know!
Anne Marie Beard

Apartment Therapy

Austin Craft Mafia - Thanks, Jen!

Adrienne Breaux of IF+D

Cookie Madness - who will also be at the event with some of her delicious cookies!


My Goodness Confectionery - who will be providing some yummy mini cupcakes!

Naughty Secretary Club - who has also donated some FABULOUS door prizes!

Shannon Lowry of Round Robin Press

Pink Argyle

Ramonsterwear - thanks, Kathie! :)

The Stitch Lab

Sublime Stitching - who has also donated awesome door prizes, and - of course - don't forget that Jenny Hart will be a guest at the event!

The Work*Shop


  1. You are SO CUTE! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!

  2. Those gifts look fantastic. Have a great time at the party! I would take the white button bracelet if no one claims it. *hint hint*

  3. Looks like SO MUCH FUN! I so want to come, but Curt is sick and probably not up for a road trip so that I can get craft happy!! I've had fun keeping up with all the doorprizes... it's probably good I won't be there cuz I'd be wrestling strangers for all those goodies!

    I hope it goes wonderfully for you! We might come to Austin next weekend - I'll let you know!


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