Monday, October 27, 2008

A Few Goodies from Maker Faire

I'm actually making some stuff this week (gasp! I know!) but I've been meaning to share some fun stuff that I brought home from Maker Faire, so until the other projects are complete, these pics will have to do.

Laser Cut Wooden Blocks from Xylocopa
This Bazaar Bizarre booth was a favorite of a lot of folks. The amazingly intricate, beautiful designs on jewelry and wooden blocks were hard to resist. I coveted the octopus necklace, angler fish earrings, and wanted to bring the entire alphabet of blocks home. Budget constraints, though (ya know... the whole spinal cord surgery for the dog thing) limited me to just bringing one block home. Here are pictures of all the sides, though.

Teeny cute stamps from Craft Chi
I saw these stamps on Amy's web site and really liked them. They're just darn cute and the packaging was ingenious. I still haven't gotten them inky yet, but can't wait to.


  1. Oh I love the little stamps! Great buy.

  2. what can I say, you have fantastic taste! I got 2 of those beautiful mad science alphabet blocks, I adore them. I loved those two sweet, slightly awkward people who made them. I also bought their wooden gears necklace, it is sooo beautiful.
    Also, the stamps - I love them, ordered them through etsy and some others awhile back :)
    great minds.... :)

  3. those blocks are amazing. the workmanship in them really shows...


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