Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Knitting machines from the past, toys for today

While I was at Maker Faire, I was able to watch a fantastic antique circular sock knitting machine in action. I'm not a knitter (being insanely hot-natured, I have an aversion to yarn, sadly) but this thing sparked my fancy. First off, it was a beautiful piece of machinery - big and sturdy, but with tons of tiny working parts that were so fun to watch in action. Next, it was just really cool to see the knitting process happen so quickly, right before our eyes. I was intrigued!

I haven't had much time to think about those knitting machines since Maker Faire, but when I popped into a Tuesday Morning shop to kill sometime while I waited for my take out dinner to be prepared, I was stunned to find a kid version of the machines right in the front window!

I snapped a couple of pictures with my iPhone, and didn't have time to really take down any info, but sure enough, it appears to be the same concept but in plastic and for kids. Very interesting ....

I still, of course, prefer the antique version of the machines, but I just thought it was funny that something I didn't even know existed 12 days ago has now popped into my surroundings twice!

I didn't pick up the knitting machine for my daughter, but I was tempted to. I'm a little weary of big plastic toys like that - we've been burned by looks-cool-but-is-really-junk toys before, so I'm trying to show restraint in what I 'grab' for her for Christmas. Regardless, it was just an interesting find so soon after I'd first learned about these machines.


  1. Wow, it's pretty cool that they have a toy version, though!!

  2. We bought one for a Korean homestay and she managed to create a teddy bear in an evening. Not as much fun as real knitting but satisfying if you need a quick fix.

  3. Just popped on over to your blog from the Big List of Sewing Blogs. When I saw this post, I had to comment! :)

    When I was a kid (in the '80s), we had one of these. Our was blue and probably from a different company, but it's the same idea. We used to knit tubey "sleeping bags" for our stuffed animals and all that. Haha, it was fun! I'm sure it's hiding somewhere in our garage...

    Anyway, I love your blog. Awesome photos!

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