Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Snifff .... leaving a job I love

You know when you go to a crazy good buffet? You load up your plate with all the yummiest, sneeze-guarded stuff and sit down for a feast, and then you realize ... sure, you're plate's filled with wonderful things, but if you eat all of it you're going to have a stomach ache later on?

That's how I feel at the moment. I'm in the very fortunate position to have a lot of really amazing things on my plate - great jobs, opportunities, family and more. But it's also overflowing, and something had to give.

I just sent out this week's Stitch Lab newsletter with my goodbyes to the students as the Stitch Lab Studio Assistant. I'll still be teaching embroidery and helping with newsletters and such, but I wont' be in on the day-to-day management of the studio. It breaks my heart. I hate leaving a job I love. Hate it. It wasn't an easy decision, but if I want to get a little better control of my stress level, I had to do it.


Here's what I wrote in the newsletter:

It is with the heaviest, saddest heart that I have to bid adieu to my dear sweet Stitch Lab. I've had the privilege to help steer this ship for the past year, and it has absolutely been the most fun, creative, love-filled job I've ever had. I'm leaving the studio assistant position to focus on my writing ventures and to try to get a little more balance going in my home/health life. I will miss all the Stitch Lab students so much! I've loved getting to know you and helping you tap into your creative spirits through Leslie's awesome classes. The Stitch Lab students are without a doubt the most fun, creative, talented bunch of folks I could ever hope to know. Thanks for always making my job so fun and easy!

And my deepest thanks have to go to Leslie - world's best boss, most patient teacher and a constant source of support and inspiration. I love you!

But don't think you can get rid of me completely! Nay! I'm far too attached to Leslie and the Lab to disappear all together. I'll still be teaching embroidery classes, and I'll still be helping out with the newsletters, and I'll be revamping and doing some major ramping up to the web site. I just will no longer be handling enrollments and studio management. Leslie's on her way to finding the Next Best Sewing Studio Assistant as I type, and I know you all will be in fabulous hands. I look forward to staying touch and keeping up with all the wonderful things the Stitch Lab students are doing! Much love to you all!

~Rachel (sobby and sad to be leaving ... )
*The picture is a tribute to the many hilarious moments Leslie and I have had during video conferences over the computer. Funny image effects make any meeting more fun!


  1. Aw bummer :( Leaving a job is so hard, much more so when you love it so much.

    Great picture too - I burst out laughing when I saw it.

  2. :-( Always sad to leave something you enjoy behind. But you're also very smart to consider what's "enough" for your life and family. Closing one door always allows another one somewhere to open.

    Sending you a huge hug today! XOXO

  3. it's sad to hear but also really inspirational to me to keep working on balance of all the good things to make sure I'm truly enjoying all of them, and still taking care of my basic needs...
    I'm also so excited for you for your future projects, your writing, and can't wait to be along for the ride!

  4. hey lady,
    it was fun getting to meet you tonight and taking the class with you. ill look for ya at the maker faire!

  5. Oh, that delicate balancing act that is family and friends and work you love. How lucky that work was something you love(d) and how lucky that it was with your dear friend. Harder to leave but sweeter to remember.

    Good luck with it all.

  6. that's hard stuff lady.
    but's that's what life is all about - change. AND making change that results in more sanity is always a good thing.

    so, I am excited for you!
    on through the fog and what not!



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