Tuesday, December 23, 2008

*FREE* CRAFT Subscriptions for current subscriber renewals

Earlier today, I posted about fun ways to give the gift of a subscription to CRAFT magazine over on the Craftzine blog. I used ink jet shrink plastic to create a fun, glittery version of the downloadable gift cards you can give when you order a subscription for someone. It was really fun to make and would be even more fun to give!

I just got word from the CRAFT Subscription team that they are offering an awesome deal for current subscribers: renew your subscription now (for just $34.95) and you can get a gift subscription for F-R-E-E.

I'll give you a second to process that. (free, people! freeeeee)

OK - so go grab your latest issue of CRAFT and skedattle on over to the CRAFT web site where you'll put in your account number (found on the address portion of your magazine) and you can then renew your subscription and order another subscription - FOR FREE - for someone else. The CRAFT folks will even send the recipient an email about the gift if you aren't going to see them in person to give them one of the printable gift cards.

That's an a-m-a-z-i-n-g deal, and if you have a current sub to CRAFT, you are nutso cuckoo not to take advantage. Make your crafty friends and family all kinds of giddy! Go! Now! Do it!


  1. Yes, this is a seriously amazing deal, and I'm totally snagging it tomorrow! :) WEE!

    I hope you and yours have a great holiday, Rach! Hugs from OK!


  2. That is such a great deal! I love it and need to figure out who to give a subscription to!

  3. Yeah yeah and give your free subscription to MEEEE!!!

    Just sayin'

  4. Perhaps a dumb question, but where in the world do you find Ink Jet Shrink Plastic. I can think of loads of uses for such a thing!


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