Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Crafty finds from Portland: Stop 1 - Knitten Kitten

It may have been more than two weeks ago, but I promise, the report on my crafty day with Diane is worth the wait. If you are going to do a crafty day in Portland, you want to do it with Diane. And if you aren't lucky enough to score her as your guide, don't fret. Just pick up a copy of the current issue of Craft magazine, and you can see her report on the crafty highlights of PDX. You can even get a peek at how she put together a comprehensive crafty Google map of Portland. She knows her stuff, and I couldn't have asked for a better, or more fun, tour guide.

We started out with bagels and tea near the Central Library. We chatted non-stop (actually, we did that all day!) and were smiley to the point of being annoying. We also exchanged some crafty gifts.

Here's an awesome bag Diane made for me. It's a partial picture, because - honestly - it's wrinkled from overuse on my part. See that flower fabric there? That's Diane's own design. Yep! I got some of her Spoonflower stash! I was so excited to see it in person, and recognized it instantly. So special. I was blown away by her tiny stitches that secured some adorable ric rac on the outside of the bag, and one of my favorite details of the piece is that she actually added ric rac to the edge of the pocket inside. It's little details like that that make me happy as all get out.

The pin cushion is one of her fantastic steel wool/needle sharpening creations. I can't wait to use it.

Next, we headed off to the Knitten Kitten. I've had Knitten Kitten on my radar since last year's visit to Portland. I tried to go there, and it was closed. I was so disappointed, and knew that if I didn't do anything else on my crafty tour of Portland, I *had* to hit the Knitten Kitten.

Knitten Kitten combines all my favorite things: it's a vintage craft supply thrift store. Those are some of my favorite words. I know that trips to thrift stores of any kind can be hit or miss, so I tried not to get my hopes up. It didn't matter, though, because the Kitten delivered in a big way and exceeded all my expectations. Here's what I found:

Fabric - a lot of these are just scraps, but I don't care. They are scraps of happiness.

I also found a beautiful embroidered table cloth in the "vintage linens" room. I liked it because it uses black in the design, and with most floral embroidered table cloths I've seen, there isn't much black. I lucked out and found four matching napkins in the vintage hankie basket. Score!

The napkins and tablecloth have the sweetest little edging detail.

I also grabbed this hilarious book:

See that big blue one in back? He's actually hollow so you can set him on your bed and use him to hide your PJs. Awww yeah ....

The other big score at Knitten Kitten was vintage embroidery transfers. I'm going to put those up in a separate post - they deserve it. If you are heading to Portland, or are anywhere near Portland, be sure to stop by the Knitten Kitten. It's clean, well-organized and totally worth the trip. Thanks, Diane, for taking me there. :)

Next up: the Embroidery Finds (including one that had me jumping up and down), a Japanese Craft Book Utopia, and Twisted, a fantastic, cozy place that's way more than just a yarn store.

I'd also like to give a huge shout out to some awesome Austin crafters who sent along some of their goods as a special gift for Diane. Diane has already done a great post about her gift, so I'll direct you to her web site to see the beautiful things they sent along.


  1. I love the vintage fabrics you got! I am a sucker for them, even if it's just tiny pieces!

  2. Ohh I love that tablecloth and matching napkins! Too awesome.

  3. Oh, so fun and love those fabrics and, hey! it doesn't matter at all if they're big or not, they're just beautiful and that's what count!; lol... And will look amazing in your stash as well, lol...

  4. I can't even speak...I'm just sitting here with my mouth hanging open...


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