Sunday, August 10, 2008

There are some awfully nice folks around here ....

Since I've been so behind on blogging the last couple of weeks, I haven't been able to say "thanks" to some folks who have bestowed some very sweet compliments on me recently. I'm blushing! Seriously!

I gasped out loud when I saw my blog listed in Susan Beal's Top 25 favorite craft blogs in her post on CraftStylish about using Bloglines to keep up with crafty blogs. Wha-HUH!? Holy smokes! I'm so flattered. I'm a big fan of Susan's, and feel quite honored to be among her top 25. Whewboy!

Next, I got tagged by Melissa at Elemental Stitches. I'll get to the rules of that tagging and my answers to what my "quirks" are in just a sec.

I also received an award from Alicia at Curiosities 808. She has some of the most detailed tutorials I've ever seen, and she does a lot of stuff with crayon tinting. Be sure to check her out.

The tagging and award have rules that I can't fully adhere to at the moment (like tagging and nominating 6 and 7 other blogs) but I say, tag yourself or recommend yourself in the comments, and let's start generating some pat-ourselves-on-the-back, shall we?

And because it's late, I'm headachy and this is my fourth post to write *tonight* I'm gonna go ahead and list 6 of my (many) quirks.

~ I love to make beds. I think this comes from my mom's nesting nature. If we ever move, or are visiting somewhere, she makes up the bed first thing. It's kind of a comfort thing. Then, when I was a Junior Volunteer in junior high school (that's a candy striper to most folks) I learned the beauty of the hospital corner and was hooked. I am a master bed-maker now.

~ I am strangely compulsive about the way I load my dishwasher. As someone whose housekeeping skills tend toward almost zilch, I can't believe that my two top quirks are home-ec related. Ah well. All I can say is that I can load a dishwasher to hold more dishes (and still get them clean) than anyone.

~ I have a weird talent of being able to recognize voices. Whether in voice overs on commercials, cartoons or animated movies, I can identify voices like nobody's business. It actually kinda freaks my husband out.

~ I love children's television/movies and have been known to record and watch them even when the kids aren't around. I'm not talkin' Teletubbies here - just the good stuff.

~ Hair grosses me out. Even if it's my own, if I see a stray hair somewhere, I gag. Blegh.

~ I'm a cereal addict. I could eat it for every meal - day in, day out. One of my most memorable dining moments in college was walking in to the ginormous cafeteria and discovering a full on cereal bar - complete with all the sugar cereals I'd been denied as a kid. I still wish I could install a cereal bar in my kitchen.

So that's it. If you feel like sharing your quirks in the comments or on your blog - go for it! Embrace your quirks - they are what makes you special! (kinda)


  1. oh man! we just got home from oregon, too. but i didn't get a chance to really "do" portland. we were hangin' with the in-laws in corvallis.
    glad to have you back!

  2. Glad to hear that someone else appreciates the beauty of the hospital mom taught me when I was seven and she was a nursing student. I just taught my ten-year-old son!

  3. I'll remember to wear my hair up when I finally meet you;-)

  4. I think we've talked about this before, but I have that voice recognition talent as well. Drives my husband nuts. My Mom and I both do it, and we even try to "out do" each other, especially when watching animated movies.

    Yet one more thing that you and I have in common, my cosmic sister friend!

    But I DEFINITELY don't have the crafting gene. That didn't end up in my skill set. Oh well.


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