Thursday, August 21, 2008

Speaking of the Naughty Secretary Club book ... a review!

OK, so it's no secret that I'm a big fan of Jennifer Perkins and The Naughty Secretary Club. I love Jen's aesthetic, and her big Texas personality, and - I have to admit - I'm quite smitten by the fact that she and her mom and sister are all so tight ('cause I'm the same way with my mom and sister). So I'll admit I had a little bit of a bias when I received a copy of her new book, The Naughty Secretary Club: The Working Girl's Guide to Handmade Jewelry. I knew I'd love it, but - dang - I had no idea I would love it *so* much.

Let's talk physical attributes: The book is square - it's a great size, and its colorful, crazy, kitschy design is off-the-charts fun. If you've watched Jen on Craft Lab, read her blog or kept up with her jewelry design at all, you can easily feel her presence on every page.

Now on to the projects: I wasn't sure how many office-related projects someone could come up with, so I was weary about what kinds of things would be in the book and if they'd be something I'd actually want to make. Let me say: I want to make almost every single thing in this book. Like now. They are fun, cute and most seem totally doable with little learning curve.

I love details like the fact that on the gnome necklace, it wasn't enough just to string gnomes on a necklace, she's added boquets to their little gnome hands. And the fabric covered button rings look like a great instant gratification project*.

The Secretary's Delight bracelet & ring set has made me absolutely hungry to try resin casting. The one I really covet, though, is the Secretary's Day Bouquet bracelet. I've admired (ok, drooled over and dreamed about) Jen's cha-cha bracelets for ages, and she's actually showing how to make them in this book.

Yup. I'll give you a minute to run over and order it, 'cause I know you want to now.

And now on to the writing. I have this weird thing about reading craft books cover to cover before I start any projects from them. I'll sit and read through them page by page and night - reading all steps, materials lists and filler info. I'm geeky that way.

This one was loads of fun to read. Jen's writing and style make you feel like you're hanging at Huts having a milkshake and onion rings. It's funny and informative and not in any way boring. Big bonuses. And her introduction and acknowledgments that spew love for her family make me a little teary and love her even more.

This is a great fun book that will make you want to try new things, and look at everyday objects in a new way: just searching out a place where you could drill a hole in it and make it into your latest bauble.

* And these are the projects we'll be making at her book release/Craft08 release party!


  1. God I can't wait to meet you in person next week so I can give you a huge hug. Thanks so much for that it made my day.

  2. Thanks for the review! I am anxiously awaiting my copy in the mail. I can't wait to read it!!!

  3. Thanks for posting about the new book. I've been wanting to see its insides for weeks!

    I added your link to my craft blog, by the way.

    -Jo Anne

  4. Thanks for the review - I've been wondering about this one, and I'm psyched to see inside!!


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