Friday, August 22, 2008

Super Awesome Embroidery Students

Over the last 10 days or so, I've been lucky to have received great emails from some of the folks who have taken one of my embroidery classes this summer. I have been floored by the amazing stuff these lovely ladies have done since class. They are total rock stars with their stitchery - I'm so proud! Fortunately, they've agreed to let me share their handiwork with my blog reader(s).

First up was Amy, whom I met several years ago when I lived in a suburb of Austin. I was so excited that she came to take the class - mostly because I almost never get to see her anymore - but it turns out she took way more from the class than just some fun social time. She sent pictures of some tea towels she's been working on as a gift set.

Check out that amazing chain stitch. Chain is one I always struggle with, but not Amy. She has spanked chain and let it know who's boss. (heh. I just think that's a funny visual) You've gotta click on this one to view large to see what I mean.

I also love that she's using a ready-made towel and not just adding an image, but also embellishing the lettering on the towel. It's a simple little addition, but it makes a huge impact. I love it.

And now to Martha. Here's what Martha had to say in her email after the class: "I have not had a chance to do a LOT of embroidering since, but I've made a few items. I'm sure they look very rookie-ish but thought you might be interested in seeing what you all have started."

Um ... no. Not "rookie-ish" at all. My jaw hit the ground when I saw this adorable shirt she embellished. I want one for myself!

And look at these adorable tea towels! I love the verigated floss on the cat, and I love the detail of the running stitch around the border of the towels. Fantastic!

Finally, there's Jodi (who's due to give birth any minute now!) Jodi is a good friend of mine who wanted to learn embroidery during her months-long "nesting" phase. She had visions of embroidering the placemats and cloth napkins her daughter needed to take to Montessori school. Her daughter started back to school this week, and check out the stinkin' adorable placemats she took with her.

Aren't they fantastic!? And one is using one of the vintage embroidery patterns I only posted last week! Jodi is *fast*, y'all!

More than the fabulous projects I've seen, though, have been the incredibly nice and enthusiastic comments about their experience in the class and after the class. I love seeing folks get so excited about crafting - especially embroidery - and I love seeing them make practical applications of their new - fun - skill in their lives. It warms my heart!

I just taught another class this past Tuesday, and already one of the students has emailed to say she went through her house the night after class to find a pillow case on which she could start embroidering. Hallelujah! The embroidery revolution lives on!

heh. It's the little things that I like.


  1. I can't wait to take your embroidery class one day!

  2. You really make embroidery sound so fun! Just as I'm getting ready for Fall gardening, I read your blog and get distracted. Now, all I want to do is embroider tea towels!!!

  3. Wow! Those embroideries do rock! I don't like to play favorites but, I love the little kitty tea towel...too cute!

    I get to take your next class and I can't wait!


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