Sunday, September 28, 2008

Stitching at the Park

*spoiler alert - Leslie, if you are reading, you might want to skip this post until I get to see you in person ;) *

There's a brand new playscape less than a quarter mile from our house that finally opened this week (after weeks of "when will it be done, mom!!!!??? from the kids every time we drove by) we've already been here three times this week. They haven't installed good seating for parents yet, so by today's visit, I'd finally wised up and brought a fold up chair and something to keep me occupied while the kids get knee deep in dirt and work on getting blisters on their hands from the monkey bars.

I started this embroidery project for Leslie about two months ago for her birthday that was at the end of August. Yep, that's about how my craft time has been running lately: two months to finish anything, and missing important deadlines. Boo! I'm working on that.

But this is fun - sitting under a tree at the park and stitching while the kids play and the husband gets some time alone at home. I haven't noticed any weird stares from folks, but I've also had my eyes either on my stitching or on the kids, so .....


  1. that ain't weird, that's excellent!

    what always bugged me was people knitting at rock shows. but then once a grumpy punk rocker, always...

    stitch on, mama!

  2. oh my gosh that dog is SSSOOO cute! where did you get the pattern? did you make it yourself?

  3. oh, it's just the cutest! I carry mine with me to the playground too, but it never makes it out of my bag!

  4. Cute project!

    Ahhhh Austin, how I love thee! I lived there for a summer and thought it was awesome. I'm not that far from you though, I'm in San Antonio. Is it equally as hot a few miles north as it is over here right now? Geeez, I want some cold already. lol


  5. We visited Austin last spring to see our son and his girlfriend. We fell totally in love with Austin. I can't wait to get back there. We took in the downtown farmer's market and made a ton of new crafting friends. I get your e-mails and it helps me keep in touch. Been known to knit at events-drives my in-laws crazy. They don't understand the drive to craft.


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