Sunday, March 9, 2008

And the winner is ....

Um ... WOW! Thanks so much for all the fun, enthusiastic responses to the giveaway. Welcome to all the folks who joined us from the link on the Craftzine blog! I hope you'll hang around past the winner announcement.

It was really interesting to read everyone's responses and hear the faves among you. It was also fun to connect with some friends from the Flickr Embroidery Group (one of my fave places to hang) and from even in the Austin area.

And, yes, the Craft Pad is as good as I went on about - even better. After I posted the review, I kept thinking of other things I could add. Let's just say the folks at Chronicle Books really know what they are doing, and partnered with Jenny Hart's fantastic designs, you end up with the perfect craft book. Not to mention, the book is insanely affordable. I don't think I mentioned that in the initial post. At $12.95, it's an incredible steal. It's so well designed and packaged, and the transfers, which you can use multiple times, will keep you busy for ages. So when it's released later this month, just buy it - you will absolutely not regret it.

Have I made you wait long enough? Oh fine! You know, when the contest started, I figured I'd do something all cute, and have my daughter help me draw a winner. I thought I'd have her write all the names on slips of paper and then jumble them up and draw a name. Uh ... yeah, I doubt she would have had the patience to write almost 140 names ... for sure. So I pulled them into a word document, checked all the necessities and put folks who linked to the contest down twice, numbered the whole bunch and then used a Random Number Generator to pick the winner.

Are you still with me? This giveaway stuff is complicated!

So, without any more stalling, our winner is Anonymous ... who had this to say:
My favorite one so far is the Winter Land. I love the little cuties for Christmas! You are so sweet to be having such a wonderful giveaway. I'm sure whoever receives this book will be thrilled!

Congrats! I hope you are thrilled! I'll be in touch to coordinate mailing.

Thanks again for all the great responses. Please do stick around for more crafty fun!

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