Saturday, March 29, 2008

The last bits of my vintage embroidery transfers

I'm going to try to stay off the computer this weekend so I can actually get some stitching of my own done, so I've decided to lump all the remaining vintage embroidery transfers in one post.

The first is from the same sheet that the Vespa was on. I like the car, but I especially like the little trees on either side of the car. I actually like them so much that I've also cut one out and set it up as its own transfer - I think it could be interesting in several different applications. This transfer was giving me fits on cleaning up and I finally had to throw my hands in the air, but it's still totally usable.

Next up is a group of simple squirrels. The squirrel came from a little booklet of transfers - the Needlewoman ones. What's hilarious about the booklet is that it has a woman on the cover in a little nightie with her stitching stuff. 'Cause, yeah ... that's how we all look when we stitch, right? It's a small, simple squirrel, so I decided to at least resize it and flip it a few different ways to make it more usable. The two facing each other are in honor of a hilarious Valentine's Day card that Leslie made. It had two squirrels facing each other just like the ones below, and inside it said, "What's up, SquirrelFriend!" So now, any time I see squirrels, I say in my head, "What's up, SquirrelFriend!" (seriously, in my head, it's really funny!)

Next I've got the partner to the fairy in an earlier post. I was finally able to get her cleaned up enough to post, and she's quite cute. I love the way her feet look, and I love the little roses all over her skirt.

Finally, one of my favorites- an Asian scene that's really, really pretty. There are so many great elements: the cherry blossoms, the water, the bird, the butterfly, the little pagoda - they'd each be fun to stitch on their own, and all together they make for a fantastic scene.

Enjoy! Thanks again to Floresita and Pip for putting on the week of vintage embroidery love. It's been fantastic to see all the great images and to connect with new folks!


  1. Hi---I just found your site off of Flickr... I love some of these images! The squirrels are fun.

    I also enjoyed a good chuckle at your description of the cover of the booklet (the woman in a nightie with her stitching)---yeah, right!! ;-)

  2. Thank you for sharing you transfers. I especially love the Asian one, too. I'm sure it would be beautiful stitched up.

  3. Oh! I love the squirrels too! And the car is ace! You have some real goodies, don't you?! And they are really varied, which I am LOVING! Thank you a bunchy, Miss!

  4. These are all really great, Rach! There is a lot of potential with the tree, I've already got a couple of ideas dancing around.

    Now, every time I see a squirrel, I am going to think the same thing. ;)

    The Asian scene is gorgeous!

  5. You are so kind to share those images - thank you! I have some vintage Vogart "Bee Smart" transfers that I'm itchin' to get started on.

  6. I'm still catching up with everyone's embroidery posts from last week & love this group you posted - thank you!

    {so much for trying to stay clear of the internet for me this weekend...hope you got lots of stitching done!}

  7. Ooh, I'm so psyched that you posted these. I'm going to do something with some of them for sure. Love it.


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