Thursday, March 20, 2008

The 'know how' look! It's what fellas like a girl to have!

Have I mentioned how much I love the Internet? I don't want to say I'm *addicted* because, really, I don't mind when I'm away from my computer (I kinda like it, actually) but if I'm working or just at home, the Internet provides me with all kinds of fun, interesting stuff.

Like this. Leslie sent this over the other day, and we included it in the Stitch Lab newsletter this week. It's a 1948 video from Simplicity patterns called, "A Pattern for Smartness" about sewing your own clothes so you can "look smart."

It's stunning in its vintange sewing goodness .... and a little bit frightening to remember how women used to be. It follows Betty as she explains how her Home Economics class changed her life by teaching her to sew her own clothes. Before you know it, there is a giant pattern envelope in the middle of Betty's room, and women come out from behind it and "give life" to the pattern. We follow Betty as she chooses fabrics, cuts the pattern pieces and ultimately puts together a very smart dress (that she points out can be jazzed up with some quick fashion accessory changes! Oooh!) Finally, Johnny, her boyfriend ... or friend who is a boy, tells her she and her home ec friends should put on a fashion show to raise money for equipment for the boys' basketball team. Of course! Why not! That's a swell idea! It's hilarious ... and a little scary.

I watched the whole thing and managed to jot down loads of funny lines that I loved ... and then accidentally deleted the text file with the notes. ooops. The website has some quotes listed, though:

"Your pattern catalog is a book of magic. For it transforms all who use it into creative artists. Yes, just as the portrait artist uses the paints and the brushes to express his impression of a personality, so you can use fabrics and lines and colors to express your own personality."

"A good pattern is one of a girl's best friends."

and the video ends with:
"Happy sewing to you all!"

Happy sewing, indeed!

The video is a little on the long side (about 19 min) but is so totally worth watching.

Speaking of the Stitch Lab Newsletter, we sent out a new schedule last night. If you're in Austin, do take a look and join us for some stitchy fun. And check it out! I'm on the schedule! I actually taught my first hand embroidery class last week at the Stitch Lab, and it was a total blast. I'll write more about that later, but I've got the teaching bug big time now. I taught high school for three years before I had kids, and while that was ... interesting ... I've got to say that it's loads more fun to teach something with which I am so in love to folks who are just as excited as me to be there. I'm teaching another hand embroidery class in June. Check it out and join me!


  1. Holy Moly - this is AWESOME. Freakin' AWESOME. Thank you so much for sharing this link!

  2. I think that's my mom! She majored in home ec at ASU when it was still San Angelo College. I don't know if she raised any money for the basketball team, though.

  3. Thank you for your comment today, you brought a tear to my eye!! you are so right!! Hugs, good karma, lots of glitter are being sent your way!
    Kathy :-)

  4. Wouldn't it be funny to see a blooper of this? Like all those women light 'em up after the show and say "*%&$ the basketball team"? Thank you for this!!! Great to find another Austin blogger!


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