Saturday, March 29, 2008

That must have been *some* muumuu

I heard a really fun little story on NPR this evening's All Things Considered. They asked listeners to submit stories of the strangest things they'd ever found when spring cleaning. One listener wrote in, describing what he and his family found when going through thousands of pictures six years after his father passed away. While they were going through the pictures, his Aunt Molly found one that caught her eye, and she said, "Oh, I really want to keep this one."

The reason? It was a picture of Aunt Molly from 30 years prior. In the picture, she was lounging by a pool. It was 1968. She was wearing a fabulous muumuu in the picture, and it just so happened that the day she found the photograph (in 1998) she was wearing the exact same muumuu.


Listening to her describe the dress is fantastic. She mentions its color (watermelon) and describes the beautiful embroidered details (be still my heart!). I would give anything to see that picture of her in the muumuu and a picture of her in it now. Can you imagine how fabulous it must be?

What garment do you own now that you can see yourself not only wearing, but still swooning over, in 30 years?

Give the spot a listen - it's short. If you go to the web site after this week, it might show up as an archived show, but for now all you have to do is click the Listen Here button. Enjoy!


  1. I do love me a good muumuu I'll have to listen to the post. I still have a lot of my clothing from HS some just for fun and others because I keep thinking one day I will wear those bright Esprit sweaters again.

  2. I think I only have one Esprit sweater -- a black cardigan that I still wear sometimes. I'm sure I'll still be swooning over my cashmere sweaters in 30 years. Not that I have that many and only one was bought new (the rest are hand-me-downs) but I love them.

  3. Oh.. I love a mu-mu! I have lots of patterns for mu-mu's but I'm always shocked by the amount of fabric you need and chicken out of making one! This summer - I'll make a mu-mu - (which is easy to say, as we are nearly halfway through Autumn here!) - i really really will!

  4. I have a 50s polyester house dress that I scored at a thrift store when I was 15. I wore it to work just last week (and I'm nearing 34). The dress has lost its lining, had the buttons replaced, and been hemmed up tunic length to wear with jeans. I doubt it will make it another decade, but its nearing the 20 year mark.

    How can that possibly be??? Blows my mind!

  5. Well not an outfit, but FLIP FLOPS!!!! A must for So Cal!


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