Monday, March 24, 2008

A Week full of free embroidery patterns over at Meet Me at Mikes

Floresita hasn't mentioned it yet (that I've seen) but I saw that she's hosting an embroidery week at the Meet Me at Mikes blog. My daughter wants to move to Australia because of Bindi the Jungle Girl. Me? I want to go to Meet Me at Mikes. I doubt either of our dreams will come true any time soon, but until then we can just enjoy the MMAM blog and Floresita's embroidery week.
Floresita is hosting the week, and is posting from her vintage transfer collection every day. What's even cooler is that other people can join in, and will be linked in the blogroll. That means lots of folks will be posting free transfers this week. I'm looking forward to connecting with more stitchers and seeing some new designs. I'm also going to scan some vintage transfers I've had laying around "waiting to be scanned" for months. Seems like a good time to go ahead and get that done.



  1. Oh THANK YOU for mentioning Floresita's stitchy week on your blog! It's so nice to make new friends - and I'm looking forward to looking at everyone's lovely stitching patterns! Hoping your week is super good! xx

  2. Awesome! I just read about this on Sweet Jessie's blog! I've never been to Meet Me at Mikes, so I'm checking it out now. ;)

  3. I'm playing along, too! Can't wait to see what you post.

  4. Please Help. Someone is putting this comment on every blog that our name comes up in. It's not true. And how crap. I'm following the GOOGLE path with the 'meet me at mikes' search term, and commenting too. There is no way of tracking this person. It's just derogatory and false.

  5. Hey there, Pip - it's removed. I was just wondering about this last night, and tried to see if this was happening on other blogs. So sorry about that! :-P


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